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Planning legislation and documents

This page provides links to the relevant planning legislation and documents.

Development in the City of Stirling is controlled by the following planning documents:

Planning policies

The following policies have been adopted by the City under the Local Planning Scheme No. 3 or the Local Government Act.

Document nameDownloadable files
2.3 Bed and Breakfast Accommodation331.7KB (PDF)
2.4 Home Office, Home Occupation and Home Business291.8KB (PDF)
2.5 Parking of Commercial Vehicles247.6KB (PDF)
2.6 Residential Building Heights623.1KB (PDF)
2.8 Multiple Dwellings326.2KB (PDF)
3.1 Character Retention Guidelines - Mount Lawley, Menora, and Inglewood3.7MB (PDF)
3.2 Civic Precinct Residential Design Guidelines338.6KB (PDF)
3.4A ECU Design Guidelines Stage 1 and 21.4MB (PDF)
3.4B ECU Design Guidelines Stage 4789.5KB (PDF)
3.4C ECU Design Guidelines Stage 5653.7KB (PDF)
3.4D ECU Design Guidelines Stage 5B621.1KB (PDF)
3.6 Gwelup Design Guidelines415.9KB (PDF)
3.7 Montclair Design Guidelines338.6KB (PDF)
3.8 Northwood Grove438.8KB (PDF)
3.9 Ocean Boulevard Design Guidelines342.0KB (PDF)
3.10 Ocean Rise Design Guidelines347.9KB (PDF)
3.11 Princeton (Phase 1) Design Guidelines498.6KB (PDF)
3.12 Princeton (Phase 2) Design Guidelines545.7KB (PDF)
3.13 Roselea Estate Design Guidelines3.2MB (PDF)
3.14 Talia Gardens Design Guidelines318.3KB (PDF)
3.15 The Willows Design Guidelines418.6KB (PDF)
3.16 Willow Heights Design Guidelines382.6KB (PDF)
3.17 Stirling on Princeton Design Guidelines415.3KB (PDF)
3.18 Stirling Green Design Guidelines348.4KB (PDF)
4.1 Reserves and Other Zones Design Guidelines252.9KB (PDF)
4.2 Mixed Use and Commercial Centre Design Guidelines356.0KB (PDF)
4.3 Industrial Design Guidelines588.4KB (PDF)
4.4 Mixed Business Design Guidelines292.9KB (PDF)
4.5 Private Institution Design Guidelines307.2KB (PDF)
5.1 Stirling Civic Mixed Use Precinct Design Guidelines365.2KB (PDF)
5.3 Main Street Plaza Design Guidelines359.3KB (PDF)
5.7 Karrinyup Regional Centre Guidelines685.2KB (PDF)
5.8 Stirling City Centre Parking860.4KB (PDF)
5.9 Mirrabooka Town Centre Parking802.9KB (PDF)
6.1 Advertising Signs1.3MB (PDF)
6.2 Bicycle Parking311.4KB (PDF)
6.3 Bin Storage Areas250.3KB (PDF)
6.4 Child Day Care Centres260.0KB (PDF)
6.5 Developments and Subdivisions Abutting Rights of Way382.5KB (PDF)
6.6 Landscaping417.6KB (PDF)
6.7 Parking and Access1.6MB (PDF)
6.8 Satellite Dishes254.1KB (PDF)
6.9 Street Addressing331.3KB (PDF)
6.10 Renewable Energy Systems284.9KB (PDF)
6.11 Trees and Development Policy272.5KB (PDF)

Local development plans

Local development plans are planning tools used to provide specific design provisions in comparison to those specified in the residential design codes (R-codes).

Document nameDownloadable files
LDP The Village (HN2A Walter Road Inglewood)3.4MB (PDF)
LDP HN31 Gribble Road (HN30-HN40 Aachen Crescent Gwelup)802.1KB (PDF)
LDP Angelico Street (HN10 Sabina Street Woodlands)1.8MB (PDF)
LDP Beaufort Street30.8MB (PDF)
LDP Bethanie on the Park (HN2 Plantation Street Menora)4.5MB (PDF)
LDP Carine Vision - Precinct A (HN2 Gemstone Boulevard Carine)499.1KB (PDF)
LDP Carine Vision - Precinct B Lot 5 (HN3 Gemstone Boulevard Carine)592.6KB (PDF)
LDP Carine Vision - Precinct B Lot 6 (HN29 Silica Road Carine)1012.9KB (PDF)
LDP Carine Vision - Precinct C (HN322 Marmion Avenue Carine)2.1MB (PDF)
LDP Carine Vision - Precinct D (HN6 Gemstone Boulevard Carine)1.5MB (PDF)
LDP Deviot Park (HN38 Old Balcatta Road Gwelup)725.4KB (PDF)
LDP Elimatta Village (HN45 Alexander Drive Menora)3.5MB (PDF)
LDP HN2 Chieti Place and HN89 Gribble Road Gwelup836.0KB (PDF)
LDP HN2 Erindale Road Gwelup1.3MB (PDF)
LDP HN22 Dianella Drive Dianella3.7MB (PDF)
LDP Mirrabooka Town Centre108.8MB (PDF)
LDP Scarborough Beach Road West22.3MB (PDF)
LDP Seven Hills (HN7 Gay Street and HN15 Osborne Road Dianella)13.9MB (PDF)
LDP Siena Leadership Centre (HN33 Williamstown Road Doubleview)1.1MB (PDF)
LDP Stirling City Centre - Innaloo Precinct4.5MB (PDF)
LDP Stirling City Centre - Northern Precinct6.9MB (PDF)
LDP Stirling City Centre - Osborne Park Precinct3.0MB (PDF)
LDP Stirling City Centre - Southern Precinct8.1MB (PDF)
LDP Stirling City Centre - Station Precinct11.3MB (PDF)
LDP Stirling City Centre - Woodlands Precinct3.2MB (PDF)
LDP Thomas Mews Estate (HN459 and HN463 North Beach Road Gwelup)1.4MB (PDF)
LDP Tuart Hill Local Centre1.9MB (PDF)

Local structure plans


Here you will find strategies.

The following is a summary of the relevant planning legislation that provide a legislative framework for decision making on approvals issued by the City of Stirling:

For more information, please visit the Western Australian Legislation website.

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