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Water management

Water conservation and reuse are essential in a drying climate and the City participates in a range of initiatives to reduce our water consumption and manage this precious resource responsibly.

Water Sensitive City

The City is working to become a Water Sensitive City, along with 16 other local councils across the Perth region. This is part of the state government’s vision for a Water Sensitive greater Perth and requires us to adapt to changing water availability so we can create liveable, resilient and sustainable communities. Being water sensitive means showing a commitment to sustainable water use and improved water quality; using Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and helping educate the community about the value of water.

Waterwise pop up

Waterwise pop-up garden

Need some waterwise gardening inspiration? The City is proud to host a waterwise pop-up garden from 9 April - 3 May 2022 in the courtyard at Karrinyup Library. Designed and installed by the Forever Project, the garden is supported by the Water Corporation.

The garden will demonstrate the benefits of greenery in urban spaces, ways to reduce water use in your garden and will inspire the community to create their own waterwise landscapes, as well as learning how to reduce the impacts of climate change. 

With educational signage on site, drop in anytime from 9 April - 3 May 2022. Check the City's event Calendar to learn about workshops taking place at the garden.

Did you know?

In a drying climate, with increased urban density and ground water use; most of the City is categorised as having ‘extremely high’ water stress.  Learn more about Perth’s unique hydrology and changing water supplies.

How is the City working to manage and conserve water?

Water Sensitive City benchmarking

Our progress towards becoming a Water Sensitive City was recently benchmarked by the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities. This means the City’s performance is rated against 34 goals, including water literacy in the community, adaptive water infrastructure, and sustainable water use. The outcomes were used in the development of the City’s new Waterwise Council Action Plan 2021-26.

The City is a Water Wise Council

Gold Waterwise Council

The City is an endorsed Gold Waterwise Council, with the Waterwise Councils program and has achieved re-endorsement since 2016, due to consistent water efficient innovation across the City’s operations and provision of waterwise support to our community. The City has a leading Central Irrigation Management System, Waterwise endorsed aquatic centres, water sensitive urban design projects, supportive waterwise programs and incentives for our community and ongoing community engagement around our water initiatives. Under a new 5-year Waterwise Council Action Plan (2021-26) the City is committed to sustainably managing water into the future under a drying climate.

How can you save water?

Living Green Program

The City’s Living Green Program offers a range of support and initiatives to help the community conserve water. These include

  • Waterwise events and workshops
  • Waterwise Verge Rebate program
  • Sustainable Verge Awards
  • Waterwise Plant Giveaway Day
  • Rainwater Tank discounts
  • Greywater systems fee relief.

 Learn more about the City’s community water initiatives and the Living Green Program here.

Greywater systems fee relief 

To encourage the uptake of water efficient greywater systems across the City, greywater application fees have been waived, saving residents $236.

Greywater systems are one of the best opportunities to reuse water and save money at home or in the garden. Greywater systems allow you to treat domestic wastewater (from sinks, baths, showers and washing machines) and re-use it on the garden or for flushing toilets and washing clothes. As 42% of Perth’s mains water supply is used on residential lawns and gardens, greywater systems offer an opportunity to maintain a green garden while significantly reducing your water use and cost.

How to install a greywater system

  1. Choose a greywater system approved by the Department of Health
  2. Submit an application to construct or install an apparatus for the treatment of sewage to the City ($118 application fee currently waived). Note, certain larger systems may require approval from both the City and also the Chief Health Officer of the Department of Health. These include, premises with more than 8 occupants, output of more than 540 litres of sewage per day, or a lot with multiple premises. This will require the payment of an additional fee ($118)
  3. Once approval is granted, ensure the system is installed by a plumber and they issue a Compliance Certificate
  4. Request an inspection by the City’s Environmental Health Officer by calling (08) 9205 8555 and present them with the Compliance Certificate
  5. Once the inspection is complete and the system approved, a “Permit to Use” the apparatus will be granted ($118 fees currently waived for this permit).

To learn more about greywater, visit gwig.org or download the West Australian Greywater Guide.

Top tips and resources to reduce water use