Sports by-laws

This page provides information about the City's sports by-laws.


  • Stirling Leisure Centres Sport Competition By-laws are implemented with the intention of creating an environment that promotes healthy competition, fair play and good conduct for the enjoyment of all participants, spectators and officials at Stirling Leisure Centres
  • In the spirit of healthy participation, we remind all teams and spectators to be respectful to officials, other players and Centre staff at all times. The City of Stirling reserves the right to refuse entry to patrons who are deemed to be a risk to staff or patrons at Stirling Leisure Centres
  • Team members and supporters must be aware and abide by the rules and Sports By-laws.  In the event of a dispute or protest being made the By-laws will be referred to.
  • Please make sure you read the by-laws carefully, as they will be referred to whenever a dispute or protest is made.

1. Interpretation

  1. The FIBA Basketball, FIFA Futsal and Australian Netball Association rules shall apply unless otherwise provided in these By-Laws
  2. Day to day interpretation of these By-Laws shall be the responsibility of the match official(s)
  3. Appeals against the interpretation must be lodged in writing to Management with 48 hours
  4. City of Stirling reserves the right to change and amend the By-laws at any time without prior notice. Team captain’s will be notified of changes.

2. Team nomination

  1. The team captain nominating a team must be 18 years or over and is responsible for their team, fees and all communication
  2. A Team Nomination Form must be fully completed and signed each season, including full names and contact details for all players
  3. All teams including returning teams must hand in a new nomination form before they can enter the new season.  This is to ensure that all our contact details for your team are up to date for COVID contact tracing
  4. Management has the right to refuse entry to teams and/or individual players.  Previous playing history in Stirling Leisure Centres competitions will be considered
  5. A new team is required to pay a nomination fee on handing in the nomination
  6. Returning teams from the previous season, that played the entire season, are not required to pay a nomination fee
  7. Teams nominating are committed to the full season. Withdrawal fees apply where a team requests an early exit (see 10.7).

3. Player registration

  1. To register a player, the Team Captain must record the players name and contact details in full on the Team Nomination Form
  2. New players can be registered onto the form throughout the season, which is the responsibility of the Team Captain
  3. A player is not permitted to register for more than one team in a competition.

4. Team & player eligibility

  1. Age restrictions apply to all competitions and are as follows
    • Patrons under the age of 16 years will not be permitted to play in our competitions
    • Patrons 16-17 years of age are required to have a non-playing parent or guardian present while they compete in our competitions. This guardian is also required to sign the match sheet before the commencement of the match. The underage player will not be permitted to play if these requirements are not fulfilled.
  2. Players must be registered (3.1) and have played three games during the season to qualify for finals.
  3. Teams must field the minimum player numbers, to commence play:
    • Netball 5 Players
    • Futsal/Soccer 4 Players
    • Basketball 4 Players.
  4. In a Mixed Netball team, a maximum number of three males are permitted to take the court at one time.
  5. In a Mixed Netball team, there must only be one male playing in each third of the netball court. I.e. One male in the defending third (GK or GD), Centre third (WA, WD or C) and attacking third (GA or GS)
  6. Players are permitted to fill in for other teams, provided they are not the substitute player or playing in a grade lower than the registered grade
  7. In the event that a current player is to fill in for another team, that player must only play in a wing position for the total duration of the game.  A fill in that is not a current player for a team may play any position as required
  8. Players are only permitted to play for one team in finals. This team must be the team they have played the most games for throughout the season
  9. Playing an illegal player will result in an automatic loss on forfeit. Illegal players are:
    • Players under suspension
    • Players not qualified for final matches (11.1)
    • Players playing under a different name.

5. Team captain responsibilities

  1. Team Captains are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators. Both players and spectators can be ejected from the centre by staff for behaviour deemed inappropriate
  2. Team Captains must ensure players accept all umpire decisions with a positive attitude. Decisions made by officials are final. Players that dispute calls during match play may have penalties awarded against them and their team
  3. Queries relating to umpire decisions can be made by the Team Captain during the half time game break or after the game
  4. The full game fee must be paid, and receipt presented to the umpire prior to the game commencement. The clock will start on time, but the game will not commence until the fee is paid, and time penalties will apply (7.7)
  5. All players’ full names must be recorded on the scoresheet before the game commences. Nick names and inappropriate language is not acceptable. If a dispute arises regarding a player being qualified a full name is required to be sighted on the scoresheet
  6. Teams should supply their own scorer.  Failure to do so will leave the offending team with no recourse to challenge the score
  7. Hats/caps, Jewellery, pins or other dangerous items must not be worn (awareness bracelets are accepted). Fingernails and other items must be taped or secured.  Sports gloves are permitted
  8. Players participate in sports competitions at their own risk, injuries incurred whilst playing are not covered by insurance by the City of Stirling
  9. Any valuables/money left unattended is personal responsibility. Stirling Leisure Centres will not accept responsibility for any such losses
  10. Players deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be denied entry to the facility and may be subject to report.

6. Uniforms

  1. Two weeks from the start of a new season or from the time of joining the competition (new teams joining mid-season) will be granted for teams to conform to the uniform rule 
  2. For all competition uniforms, matching top colours with matching position bibs or numbers clearly displayed are to be worn at all times. Taped number are not acceptable
  3. Penalties for out of uniform players will be applied as follows:
    • Netball: 2 points per player
    • Futsal/Soccer: 1 goal per player
    • Basketball: 5 points per player.

7. Fixtures, game times and late points

  1. All timeslots must be played, ranging from 6pm to 10pm.  No preference will be given for fixture timeslots.
  2. Grading may take place if a competition consists of 12 or more teams.
  3. Management reserve the right to change fixtures where necessary.
  4. Games will be played on a time limit of
    • Netball  4 x 10 minute quarters, 2 minute half time
    • Futsal/Soccer 2 x 15 minute halves, 2 minute half time
    • Basketball 2 x 20 minute halves, 2 minute half time.
  5. The game clock will start at the fixtured start time regardless of teams being ready to play
  6. The clock will not be stopped for any reason during the game (includes injuries)
  7. Where a team does not have the required minimum players (as per 4.3) at the commencement of the game the following late penalties will apply to the opposing team:
    • Netball: 1 goal for every minute
    • Futsal/Soccer: 1 goal every 3 minutes
    • Basketball: 2 points every minute.
  8. If a team does not field the minimum numbers by the first 10 minutes then the game will be deemed a forfeit and a forfeit fee will apply.

8. Premiership points

  1. Points will be awarded as follows;
    • Win: 3 points
    • Loss: 0 points
    • Draw/Bye: 1 point
    • Forfeit: -1 point.
  2. Teams will not be entered in the competition after round 4.

9. Forfeits and withdrawals

  1. Non-attendance 2 x Match Fee 
  2. Forfeit less than 24 hrs 1.5 x Match Fee 
  3. Forfeit more than 24 hours 1 x Match Fee 
  4. Forfeit fees must be paid within 7 days
  5. A team with an outstanding forfeit fee may be subject to suspension or withdrawal from the competition by Management
  6. Results for forfeits will be recorded as follows:
    • Netball: 20 to 0
    • Futsal/Soccer: 5 to 0
    • Basketball: 20 to 0.
  7. A withdrawal fee of $100 applies to any team that chooses to withdraw during the season.

10. Finals

  1. To participate in finals a player must be registered (3.0) and have participated in a minimum of 3 games throughout the regular season.
  2. Byes are counted as a game played if the player is registered at the time of the bye, as are forfeits by opposing teams (win on forfeit).
  3. Any team with money outstanding at the end of the regular fixtured season will be ineligible to play finals.
  4. Finals positions will be determined in the following order:
    • Most points
    • Highest percentage (Netball)
    • Score difference
    • Score for.
  5. Finals will be fixture in the following format:
    • Semi Final: 1v4 & 2v3
    • Grand Final: Winners of each semi final.
  6. If there is a draw at the end of regular time during the Semi Final and Grand Final the following will determine the outcome of the game
    • Soccer/Futsal: A period of 5 minutes to be played, if after this time a winner cannot be determined a penalty shootout will determine the outcome
    • Netball: Two periods of 5 minutes to be played, if after this time a winner cannot be Determined, another period will begin and when a team leads by two goals, the winner will be determined
    • Basketball: A period of 5 minutes will be played, if after this time a winner cannot be determined an additional 5 minutes will be played again until there is a winner.

11. Abandoned games

  1. Where a game is abandoned by the umpire for misconduct, the offending team will have a forfeit recorded against their team. The opposition will be awarded a win
  2. Where a game is abandoned by a team, the opposition will be awarded a win
    • Where a game is unable to be continued, this could be due to an injury where a player cannot be moved, power failure, roof leak, etc. the following results will occur:

      Match stopped before half time, score will be deemed 0-0

    • Match stopped after half time, score at the time will stand as the result.

12. Misconduct and suspensions

  1. Players, teams and spectators can be reported by an official or staff member for any form of misconduct. Misconduct can include but is not limited to; abusive language, unsporting conduct, undue rough play, resistance to obey or take reasonable action from an official and striking or attempting to strike
  2. On receipt of a player report, the team captain will be notified with the details of the report and the decision of action taken by Management
  3. Management reserves the right to expel or suspend players, spectators and/or teams from the competition
  4. Any player put on suspension is on an automatic probation for an indefinite period
  5. Where a suspension is issued, the player may not enter the facility during this time, and the suspension weeks do not include weeks that are public holidays, byes or forfeits
  6. Players, teams or spectators that have three reports and suspensions will be penalised further at the discretion of Management
  7. If an altercation breaks out in a game, where an umpire is forced to stop the flow of the game, the umpire has the right to abandon the game.  If the game is abandoned prior to half time, the non-offending team can receive a credit for the next game
  8. Penalties and suspensions are at the discretion of Management. Once a penalty and/or suspension are issued, the decision is final.

Please see below for our tribunal/suspension guidelines:

OffencePenalty minimumPenalty maximum
Failure to attend tribunal when summoned13
Disputing a referees decision13
Unsporting behaviour24
Rough conduct24
Tripping (attempted tripping)26
Pushing (aggressive)26
Abusive, obscene or insulting language / gesturing26
Striking or attempted striking (includes punching, elbowing or kicking)42 years
Abusive, obscene or insulting language / gesturing towards staff (officials, front desk staff or management)426
Involvement in a melee620
Vilification/discrimination (race, sex, religion, disability related)61 year
Threats of violence causing fear162 years
Striking or attempting to strike any official, City of Stirling staff member or any member of the public within the herb graham recreation centre5Life ban
Playing while under suspensionTriple original penaltyTriple original penalty

13. Re-nomination for the next season

  1. Teams participating in the current season are given priority to re-nominate for the next season, provided they nominate by the last round of fixtures (before finals)
  2. A re-nomination period, usually in weeks 14 and 15 of the current season will allow current teams to re-nominate before the competition is opened to new teams
  3. Failure to nominate on time will result in the team being treated as a new team.  New teams will be given preference based on when the Nomination Form and fee is completed and received.  Teams that play an entire season are not required to pay the team nomination fee for following and subsequent season(s)
  4. Teams that withdraw from the competition prior to the season’s completion (including finals) will be required to pay the Team Nomination fee when nominating again.  

14. Thank you

  1. Stirling Leisure Centres thanks you for your support of these By-laws and trusts that your team and supporters are aware of the rules and conditions relating to our sporting competitions.