Sports by-laws

This page provides information about the City's sports by-laws.


  • These by-laws are written with the intention of creating an environment that not only promotes healthy competition, but also promotes the ideals of fair play and good conduct
  • While we encourage teams to play hard and be competitive, at the end of the day we will always encourage participation over competition
  • In the spirit of healthy participation, we remind all teams, spectators and supporters that while your officials are skilled and qualified, they are not perfect. They will make decisions that you do not agree with. We ask that you please respect the officials decisions and ask that you show them the same respect as you request in return
  • The City of Stirling reserves the right to refuse entry to patrons who are deemed to be a risk to staff and other users of their facilities
  • Please make sure you read the by-laws carefully, as they will be referred to whenever a dispute or protest is made.


  1. The laws and rules of the governing sports body (football west / netball wa and basketball wa) are implied if rules are not covered by these by-laws
  2. Day to day interpretation of these by-laws shall be the responsibility of game officials. Clarification can be sought from the sports coordinator on the night (if in attendance) or the following day
  3. All players are responsible for their own insurance for personal injury or property damage.

All injuries must be reported to the facility attendant on the night.


  1. All teams must complete a nomination form for each season
  2. Teams currently participating will be placed in the following season, but have up to the third week of the competition to complete a nomination form
  3. All nomination forms must be completed in full. The team contact is responsible for their team, fines and communication. The team contact must be aged 18 or over. 
    A. If team consists of only persons under 18, but older than 16, a parent or guardian can sign the nomination form. A parent or guardian must be present at each game, and able to act as a representative of the team.

Nomination fees

  1. All teams are required to pay a registration fee at the beginning of each season
  2. Failure to pay this fee may result in removal from the competition / with holding of team points until the fee is paid.


  1. In the case of a full competition, current teams have until grand final night to complete a nomination form and register in the following season
  2. Failure to nominate in time will result in the team being treated as a “new” team. New teams will be given preference based on the date in which they complete and hand in their nomination form.


  1. Each team must register all players prior to commencement of the first game of the season
  2. New players can be registered at any time throughout the season, provided they comply with by-law requirements
  3. A player is not permitted to register for more than one team in a competition
  4. Players are permitted to “fill-in” for other teams, provided they are not playing in a grade lower than their registered grade
  5. In finals, players are permitted to play for one team only
  6. In the case of all finals, teams are not permitted to use “fill-in” players
  7. All players must have played three (3) games minimum during the season or they are not eligible to play for the team.


  1. Stirling Leisure Centres will determine fixtures for the season, and reserves the right to make major changes (forfeits, withdrawals etc)
  2. Stirling Leisure Centres will endeavour to provide an even spread of games among timeslots. This may not always be achievable
  3. Fixtures will be given out on a weekly basis for the first three weeks, then on a four-weekly basis Finals fixtures will also be given out on a weekly basis
  4. If your team can not play a certain time, or there is date you can not play, you will need to inform management prior to the fixture being published and distributed.
    Failure to do so may result in forfeit fines being applied.


  1. Team sheets will be provided to all teams before the game
  2. Team sheets must be filled out in full (first and surnames) prior to the start of the game
  3. Only real names are to be written on the scoresheet
  4. Nicknames / swearing / inappropriate language are not permitted
  5. Only players participating in the game can be listed. Players not present and that do not take the court are not permitted to be listed
  6. Minimum age for players in a senior sports competition is 16 years old. Players that are younger may participate, but must have a signed waiver from a parent or guardian. A responsible adult (nominated by the parent or guardian) must also be present during games. If the official deems the game too unsafe for an underage player to continue playing, the official has the right to ask the player to leave the court
  7. Failure to comply with any of the above may result in a forfeit to the offending team.


  1. Either gender may participate in any sport unless otherwise indicated (e.g. Men’s Soccer / ladies netball)
  2. In “mixed” sports, there shall be no more than three male players on the playing area at any given time
  3. An all female team may nominate for “mixed” sports
  4. In mixed netball they may only be one (1) male in each zone. Eg: attack, mid court and defence.

To play

  1. A team must have a minimum of 5 players for netball or 4 for soccer / basketball entered on the scoresheet who are ready to take the court at the commencement of the game
  2. If a team has less than enough players then:
    Basketball - for every minute (or part thereof), the opposing team will be awarded 2 points 
    Netball - for every minute (or part thereof), the opposing team will be awarded 1 goal
    Soccer - for every 3 minutes (or part thereof), the opposing team will be awarded 1 goal
  3. Games will be declared a forfeit if a team has not arrived by the timer has 15 miniutes left in the first half
  4. Finals scores will be:
    Basketball and netball - 20 to nil
    Soccer - 5 to nil.
  5. Please note - the clock must be counting down from the official start time.

No player will be allowed to participate in sport competitions within a City of Stirling Leisure Centre if they are deemed to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Team responsibilities

  1. All teams should provide a scorer for the match. Failure to do so will mean a team has no recourse to challenge the information on the scoresheet
  2. Teams are responsible for the conduct of its players and spectators. Teams are expected to participate in accordance with the ethos of participation, enjoyment and healthy competition. Spectators can be sent from the centre. If spectators refuse to leave, city of stirling security will be called. This may also result in a forfeit to the offending team
  3. No participants are permitted to wear jewellery, pins or other dangerous items (including, but not exclusive to, awareness bracelets). Fingernails and other items must be taped or secured with wristbands
  4. Failure to comply will be dealt with by the officials at the time. Officials are permitted to refuse entry to the court of the offending person.

Sports officials

Prior to the game:

  • Inspect the condition of the playing area, ball and equipment
  • Collect payment receipts / tickets before the game
  • Ensure all players are wearing correct uniform
  • Check players nails and jewellery
  • Ensure scoresheets are filled out in full
  • Apply and inform both teams about late points/goals and uniform penalties.

It is the team captain’s responsibility to complete the scoresheet on behalf of their team. The referee / umpire will start the game on time, regardless if the sheet is complete. Late points / goals will apply if the scoresheet is not completed by the team captain.

During the game:

  • sanction misconduct and delay
  • monitor all faults and play
  • ensure rules of game are adhered to
  • educate players on rules
  • monitor playing area to ensure safe environment.

After the game:

  • complete scoresheets
  • choose an mvp for the game.

The sports officials decision is final. Any discussion about their decision must come at the request of the team captain. Officials may give an explanation of their interpretation of the rule(s) they have based their decision on. This explanation can only occur at half or full time.



During the season

  • Payment of registration fee, game fee and forfeit fees incurred by the team
  • Adding any new players to the nomination form
  • Ensuring fixtures are distributed to the team
  • Notify management of any changes to status of team (withdrawal, change of contact etc).

On game night

  • Completing scoresheet in full (names, numbers) and checking correctness at the end of the night
  • Represent the team at the coin toss (if applicable)
  • Ensuring the behaviour of both players and spectators is kept in line with by-laws and the ethos of the city of stirling
  • Ask for explanations of decisions
  • Questions must be limited to the context of the situation, and ask for a specific answer.


  1. All players from your team are required to have conforming uniforms for each match i.e. Uniforms must all have the same primary colour in soccer and basketball. Netball must have the same colour bibs. Bibs for all sports can be borrowed from the centre. A driver’s licence must be left as a deposit. In the case of a uniform clash the team without matching uniforms wears the bibs, if neither team has matching uniforms then the team named second on the scoresheet will wear bibs
  2. Shin pads and mouthguards are recommended where applicable
  3. No low cut or revealing tops are permitted
  4. Numbers are required for basketball and soccer. Failure to wear a number may mean a player is not credited with goals or mvp points
  5. The penalty for not wearing correct uniform is as follows:
    Basketball - 5 points per player
    Soccer - 1 goal per player
    Netball - 2 goals per player.

Illegal players

  1. The penalty for playing an illegal player is automatic forfeiture of points for the game in which the offence occurred
  2. Illegal players are defined as:
  • players under suspension
  • players participating under an assumed name
  • non-observance of qualification criteria for finals matches.

Game times

  1. Games will be played on a time limit of:
    Basketball – 2 x 20 minute halves with a 2 minute half
    Futsal – 2 x 15 minute halves with a 2 minute half time
    Netball – 4 x 10 minute quarters with a two minute half-time (no break at quarter or three-quarter time)
  2. The clock will not be stopped for injuries
  3. The clock will begin counting down regardless of teams being ready to play.

Competition points

  1. Competition points are as follows:
    Win: 3 points
    Loss: 0 points
    Draw: 1 point
    Bye: 1 point
    Forfeit: -1 point
  2. Final position on the ladder is determined by: total number of points, then by percentage (goals/points for divided by goals/points against) or goal difference for soccer.


  1. A substitute can only enter the field of play when the person they are replacing has left
  2. Please refer to finals section regarding prizes for substitute player.

Abandoned games

  1. If a team is unable to continue playing due to the injury of a player that can not be removed from the court, the game will be ended and the following results take place:
    A. Match stopped before half-time; the score will be deemed a 0-0 draw
    B. Match stopped after half-time, the score at the time will stand as the final result
  2. If a game is abandoned due to lack of team cooperation, misconduct, or any other incidents at the sports officials discretion the game will be ended and called a forfeit by the offending team. A win will be awarded to the opposition team
  3. The team captain will be given one minute to sort out any team / spectator issues. After one minute has elapsed, the game may be abandoned and called as a forfeit to the offending team. A win will be awarded to the opposition.
  4. If a team chooses to discontinue play despite being able to continue, they will be deemed to have forfeited the game
  5. If the match is abandoned due to external circumstances (roof leaks, black-outs and the like) the following results will take place:
    A. Match stopped before half-time; the score will be deemed a 0-0 draw
    B. Match stopped after half-time, the score at the time will stand as the final result
  6. If a team is winning by a significant margin (20 point margin in basketball, 5 goals in soccer and 20 points is netball), a win will be awarded to the appropriate team.
  7. If there are less than the required players (3 for netball, two for basketball and soccer), the match will deemed unplayable and declared a forfeit.


  1. To participate in major finals a player must have participated in a minimum of 3 games throughout the regular season
  2. Prizes will be limited to 10 per team (though less may be available on the night and ordered later)
  3. Various systems of finals are used in the city of stirling. Finals formats will be advertised prior to the half-way point of the season. Finals can run over two or three weeks
  4. In the event of a draw at the end of normal time:
    Basketball will play and additional 5 minutes. If still no result, a further 5 minutes will be played. This will continue until there is no tie
    Soccer will play sudden-death extra time for 5 minutes. If still no result, a sudden-death penalty shoot out will be played. 
    Netball will play 3 minutes each way with no rest in between. If still no result, 3 additional minutes will be played. This will continue until a side wins, or leads by two goals
  5. In basketball grand finals only, the clock will be stopped during game stoppages for the last three minutes of the second half only.


  1. If a team forfeit with less than 24 hours notice, it can be difficult to rearrange games. Additionally, we may still need to pay the umpires for their time, particularly if the forfeit occurs during a middle timeslot
  2. Thus, the forfeit structure is:
    A. More than 24 hours = cover the cost of the umpires / referees ($20 per umpire). If games can be moved around, and there are no breaks in the night, forfeit fines may be waived.
    B. Less than 24 hours notice = game fee + umpires fee ($20 per umpire)
  3. Fines must be paid before or on the night of your next scheduled fixture
  4. Should the fee not be paid, your team may be subject to removal from the competition
  5. In the event of a no-show, the non-offending team will be given a credit towards their next fixture
  6. No competition points shall be awarded to forfeiting teams until they have paid their fine
    A. Points may not be redeemable
  7. Any team forfeiting three or more times in a single season may be withdrawn from the competition
  8. Result for forfeitsl is recorded as:
    Basketball – 20 to 0
    Soccer – 5 to 0
    Netball – 20 to 0.

Player reports

  1. Players and spectators can be reported by any official or staff member for any form of misconduct
  2. Misconduct includes, but is not exclusive to:
    A. Abusive language
    B. Unsporting conduct
    C. Undue rough play
    D. Resistance to obey or take reasonable instruction from an official
    E. Striking
    F. Attempted striking
  3. Reported players and spectators will be advised of the time and date the incident arose
  4. Management reserves the right to expel or suspend players from the competition
  5. If a player is put on report, the team captain will be notified with the details of the report, and the suspension (if any) to be served. The team, via the team contact, has 24 hours to lodge a written appeal. If required, further investigations will be undertaken. After this, the final decision will be relayed to the team contact. After this, no further correspondence will be entered into
  6. Any player put on suspension is on an automatic probation for an indefinite period of time
  7. Any player that has three reports and suspensions may be banned from city of stirling sports competitions indefinite
  8. Any player put on suspension may also be suspended from other competitions within the city of stirling at the discretion of the sports coodinator.

Player/team suspensions/penalties

  1. Suspensions are at the discretion of management
  2. Penalties can range from 1 week to a life-time ban, dependant on the severity of the incident
  3. Please be aware that the “team” is held accountable for the behaviour of players, team officials and supporters.

Please see below for our tribunal/suspension guidelines:

OffencePenalty minumumPenalty maximum
Failure to attend tribunal when summoned13
Disputing a referees decision13
Unsporting behavior24
Rough conduct24
Tripping (attempted tripping)26
Pushing (aggressive)26
Abusive, obscene or insulting language / gesturing26
Striking or attempted striking (includes punching, elbowing or kicking)42 years
Abusive, obscene or insulting language / gesturing towards staff (officials, front desk staff or management)426
Involvement in a melee620
Vilification/discrimination (race, sex, religion, disability related)61 year
Threats of violence causing fear162 years
Striking or attempting to strike any official, City of Stirling staff member or any member of the public within the herb graham recreation centre5Life ban
Playing while under suspensionTriple original penaltyTriple original penalty
  1. At the discretion of the sports coodinator players/teams may also be suspended if they:
    A. Receive 2 yellow cards (soccer), 2 technical fouls (basketball) or three goal removals from court (netball) in the same match
    B. Receive a yellow card (soccer), technical foul (basketball) or three goal removal from court (netball) more than three times in a single season
    C. Show inappropriate behaviour off the court towards City of Stirling employees, officials or other patrons of the centre.

Technical fouls/red cards/yellow cards

  1. The penalty for a player technical foul (basketball) is 1 shot to the opposition possession of the ball to the opposition
  2. A player awarded a yellow card (soccer) will spend 3 minutes off the field. This player may not be replaced for this time. The player may not return to the field until the sports official signals them to do so
  3. A player awarded a red card (soccer) will spend the rest of the match off the field. This player may not be replaced for 5 minutes. The player will automatically receive a 1 week suspension.

For any further information regarding these bylaws, please contact the program development officer on (08) 9205 7320.