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Commercial waste services

The City of Stirling offers businesses a well-priced, high-quality commercial waste service that is flexible and highly competitive. We provide our customers with a free consultation, which ensures your service is tailored to your business needs.

All fees are set for 12 months with no hidden costs and no lock-in contracts.

What are the benefits to your business?

The City only services businesses located within Stirling, offering a number of benefits to consumers.

  • Free consultation for tailored services - The City provides a free consultation service to customers, to ensure the commercial waste service can be tailored to each customer.
  • Fixed prices, no hidden costs - All fees are set for twelve months and have no extra hidden costs. This transparent pricing structure means that there are no surprises in our fees such as bin rental charges, environmental fees.
  • No contracts so you’re not locked in - The City prides itself on retaining customers through the delivery of a quality service. As such, we believe there is no need for long term contracts and do not lock our customers in for fixed periods of time.
  • Your choice of bins - The City provides a range of services for general waste, co-mingled recycling, cardboard and Containers for Change.

Did you know?

Improperly-sorted waste costs four times as much to recycle!

For tips on what you can and cannot recycle visit www.stirling.wa.gov.au/recycling/.

Bins and collection options

Collection options - Businesses using the City’s waste services receive a choice of collection schedules all year round, Monday to Friday.

  • Co-mingled recycling bin - The City can provide a co-mingled recycling service to local businesses. This benefits local businesses by saving them money and diverting tonnes of waste that would usually go to landfill. It is a simple recycling system where most recyclable items can go in the same bin.
  • Cardboard bins - Cardboard bins are a great way to decrease your waste costs by reducing bulky cardboard that fills your general waste bin and ends up in landfill. They are also much more sustainable as clean, uncontaminated cardboard can be used to make new products and have a second life.
  • Containers for Change bins - The City of Stirling can organise to deliver Containers for Change bins (240L, 660L and 1100L) to your business as well as a collection time that is convenient to you. The City of Stirling is offering a bulk service to businesses, schools, charities, and community groups – we will sort your eligible beverage containers, recycle them, and provide a refund.

Which bins are serviced?

The City services a broad range of bins, ensuring that the needs of each individual business can be met.

Front lift - general waste or cardboard

Heights shown without castor wheels – if castor wheels are fitted add *140mm or +200mm. The Wastemaster front lift bins are manufactured from high quality HA 300 / 250 3mm steel.

All welding conforms to AS1554 to give a long service life and a better quality, safer bin.

Commercial Bin
  • Bin type front lift - general waste or cardboard
  • Volume capacity 1.5/3.0/4.5 cubic metre
  • Dimensions L: 2.02m W: 0.90/1.50/1.80m H: 0.90/1.38/1.68m
  • Loading height 0.93/1.00/1.20m
  • Comparisons to 240L bins 1.5m3 = 6 x 240L
  • 3.0m3 = 12 x 240L 4.5m3 = 18 x 240L

Four wheeled-general waste, co-mingled recycling, cardboard or Containers for Change

Four Wheeled Bins - Rear Lift Truck 660ltr & 1100Ltr  

  • Four wheeled bins are a great solution for businesses in need of flexibility in their collection schedule and waste streams. Unlike the 240/360L bins they don’t need to be verge presented which makes them a very convenient option.


Commercial Bin
  • Bin type four wheeled-general waste, co-mingled recycling, cardboard or Containers for Change
  • Volume Capacity 660L and 1100L
  • 660L L: 700mm  W: 1200mm  H*:1.2m
  • 1100L L: 1000mm W: 1200mm H: 1.3m
  • Loading height 660L:1.11m  1100L:1.18m
  • Comparisons to 240L bins 660lt =2.75 1100lt = 4.5.

Wheelie bin 240L and 360L - co-mingled recycling

Yellow Co-mingled Recycling bins - Commercial Premises collection options upon application

306L Waste Bin
  • Bin type wheelie bin 240L and 360L - co-mingled recycling or Containers for Change
  • Volume Capacity: standard
  • 240L dimensions: D: 730mm W: 675mm H: 1080mm
  • 360L dimensions: D: 904mm W: 699mm H: 1116mm.

240L Wheelie Bin - general waste

Red General Waste 240Ltr & Containers for Change 240Ltr bins - Commercial Premises collection options upon application

Image of a general waste bin
  • Bin type wheelie bin 240L - general waste
  • Volume capacity standard
  • Dimensions: D 730mm W: 675mm H: 1080mm.

Long term benefits for the community

All funds generated through commercial waste services are reinvested back into the community through our facilities and services.

This means that businesses receive a return on their investment through innovative waste minimisation programs, as well as better services within the community.

For more information or to receive this information in an alternate format, please contact the City on (08) 9205 8555.