Application timeframes

View the information below on the typical timeframes on approval of heath, planning and building applications.

Planning approval

A development application is required for works that are not exempted under the City’s Planning Framework. The City has 60 days after lodgement to determine a ‘standard’ development application; this includes any advertising period. For development applications that have a mandatory advertising requirement, require external referrals and/or are a ‘complex’ development application, the City has 90 days after lodgement to determine the application. The City endeavours to assess and determine development applications in a timely manner, and in many cases determines applications well before the required timeframes.

Building approval

The following assessment timeframes are in accordance with the Building Act 2011:

  • Certified building permit applications (BA1 Form): 10 business days (excluding public holidays).
  • Uncertified building permit applications (BA2 Form): 25 business days (excluding public holidays)

Click here for further information on the type of building applications.

Health approval

A health application will be processed within 10 business days, please note this is subject to the correct information being provided and a satisfactory site visit. If a development application requires health referral we will endeavour to provide comments back to the planning officer within 3 business days.

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Application timelines

View the City's processes and timelines for applications.

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