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The local community describes Inglewood as vibrant, friendly, connected. To better understand what is means to be ‘a local’ our suburb profile seeks to understand the local stories Koora (past), Yeyi (present), Boordawan (future) and respond to Ngalang Maya (our place). This snapshot identifies the unique character of Inglewood’s neighbourhood and helps the City rethink how we deliver services with a local focus.

Inglewood has a high heritage value, with cultural and historical significance.  

What it means to be a 'local'

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Local issues

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  • Inglewood Ward community valuesInglewood Ward community values

Local focus

The City has created Locally-led Stirling to drive deeper connection at a local suburb level to listen and respond with a local focus.  At the heart of this Locally-led approach is an understanding that local people know what they need and a vision for everyone to get involved in shaping what it means to be “a local”.

We want to bring neighbours together, invest in local stories and inspire opportunities to work together. To find out more about Locally-led Stirling, visit Shaping our City

If you are looking for ways to get involved in your local area, please contact one of the City’s Local Engagement Officers by emailing

Local plans

Residential development

Inglewood has experienced 2 distinct booms in residential growth:

  • Between 1904 and 1920, single residential housing was built to accommodate the blue-collar population 
  • Around World War Two between 1935 and 1940, more development occurred.

The majority of residences in Inglewood are of pre-war vintage (many are of a Federation or Californian bungalow style) and towards Mount Lawley area, a typical lot size is 730m2, increasing to up to 1400m2 east of Beaufort Street.

Inglewood has a high heritage value, with numerous places of cultural and historical significance, and many of the older dwellings have been renovated and restored to their original styles. In addition to character housing, there are 1960s flats and modern unit developments scattered throughout the suburb.

Public open space and community infrastructure

The main commercial area within Inglewood is centred on Beaufort Street and contains retail services, a library and a recreation centre and there are several small shops that cater for daily needs. 

Inglewood has six local open spaces, one community space and two district open spaces. 

A Locally Significant Natural Area includes Walter Hamer Eighth Reserve.

Inglewood contains many recreational facilities, including Stirling Leisure Centres - Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre, Inglewood, which features a pool and fitness areas, Mount Lawley Golf Course and Macaulay Park

Inglewood Primary School meets the educational needs for younger students while the Home of Peace provides services for elderly residents.

External projects

Council investment

Financial year 2023 - 2024

  • Macauley Park Upgrade Stage 2
  • Inglewood Cricket Club Creation of Arts Hub
  • Sportsfield Sustainability Renovation program - Inglewood Oval 


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