This page provides information about signage in the City of Stirling.

Road signage

The City of Stirling is responsible for the installation of all signage within the road reserve which applies a parking restriction or prohibition. This includes the following signage:

  • No stopping
  • No parking
  • No parking on verge
  • Timed parking restrictions
  • Paid parking
  • Bus zone
  • Loading/taxi zone
  • Kiss-and-ride
  • ACROD parking
  • Street name signs
  • Directional signs
  • All other signage within the road reserve is the responsibility of Main Roads WA.

To request street signage within the road reserve, please use the customer enquiry and feedback form. 

Directional Signage Application Form

Requests for new regulatory signs must be made in writing to the City. If a request is deemed to be warranted, a request will be forwarded to Main Roads WA. It is then up to Main Roads WA to make a final decision.

Did you know?

Only Main Roads WA is authorised to install regulatory traffic signs on WA roads, such as Stop, No Through Road and Aged Crossing.

Advertising signage

The City of Stirling is responsible for encouraging the rationalisation of advertising signs on individual premises and for promoting the incorporation of advertising signs into the design of buildings. Most signs require a licence prior to installation, and some signs may also require planning approval.

Advertising signs within the City’s boundaries are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Signs on private sites must not adversely impact on the amenity of surrounding land
  • The overuse of signs on individual sites and buildings must be avoided
  • Signs must not impact the streetscape of major roads
  • Signs must not be discriminatory or offensive
  • Signs should only relate to services and products on the site where they are displayed.

More information and contact

To report illegally placed signage in a public place or to request the return of impounded signage, please phone our Customer Contact Centre. Please note, impounded signage will be released on payment of a fee.