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Recycling Centre Balcatta (RCB)

The City of Stirling has a dedicated recycling centre, where you can dispose of recyclables and reusable items, household hazardous waste, general waste and car tyres. Find out about location, opening hours, fees and what items you can dispose of.

Waste Authority

Temporary e-cigarette/vape collection study

The Recycling Centre Balcatta, with funding from the Waste Authority, is undertaking a limited time collection of e-cigarettes/vapes.   

Individuals can bring no more than 10 e-cigarettes for drop-off to the Recycling Centre Balcatta at one time. The individual does not need to be a resident of the City of Stirling to utilise this drop off service.

Organisations and businesses are not eligible to use this service.

Please note, this service will only be provided for a limited time for research purposes and will be withdrawn once the funding has been expended. Once the service has been removed, the City of Stirling is under no obligation to continue accepting e-cigarettes/Vapes.

E-cigarettes are a problematic and hazardous waste to deal with, as they contain embedded lithium batteries and hazardous substances. This study will provide Local Governments with information on the types of e-cigarettes being disposed of, the materials they are made from and the recovery pathways for each constituent part.

Waste drop-off information

Fees may be payable dependent on the type of waste you wish to dispose of.

Where do I drop off my items?

View the map of Recycling Centre Balcatta to help you plan your journey.

Click here Click here

Waste that is free of charge

The following items can be dropped off at the recycling centre free of charge:

  • Aluminium and steel cans
  • Household furniture in good condition (at the discretion of the contractor)
  • Bicycles
  • Landscaping items
  • Dry cardboard and paper (No shredded paper, please put in your general waste bin, no magazines - they are accepted in your recycling bin)
  • Polystyrene
  • Electronic waste i.e. televisions, computers, printers
  • Small household electrical appliances i.e. kettles, vacuums, toasters
  • Scrap metal
  • Glass bottles
  • White goods (excluding fridges and freezers)
  • Vapes (only accepted in the Hazardous Waste Area).
  • Syringes (only accepted in sealed yellow syringe bottles, purchased at local chemist, in the Hazardous Waste Area).

Waste where fees will apply

Vehicles are required to drive across the Weighbridge on entry and exit.  

Charges are calculated based on the difference between the weight on entering and the weight on exiting.   

The following items go over the weighbridge and fees will apply:

  • Air conditioners
  • Mattresses and bases
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Tyres
  • Household bulk waste
  • Mixed waste (metals, plastics, glass, cardboard, household junk, green waste, timber and glazed wall tiles)
  • Clean sand, bricks, concrete and roof tiles.

Please note that super six sheeting or plastic buckets containing dried cement are for mixed waste disposal only.   

Asbestos is not accepted at the Recycling Centre Balcatta - call Tamala Park, Red Hill Landfill or Western Metropolitan Regional Council for disposal arrangements.


Waste typeTipping fees up to 300kg Tipping fees over 300kg charged on a pro-rata basis of one ton rate 
Mixed general waste$45.00$250.00 per ton
Construction waste (sand, bricks, roof tiles and concrete only)$35.00$125.00 per ton
Green garden waste (tree prunings only)$25.00$85.00 per ton
Vehicle weight only (caravan, boat, trailer etc. only)$27.50 
Air conditioners, fridges and freezers$30.00 per item
Mattresses and bases$40.00 per item
Dog poo bins$10.00 (small) / $15.00 (large)
Car tyres (max four)$20.00 per item

Tip passes

City of Stirling ratepayers can use their tip passes to dispose of some items free of charge via the weighbridge.

To use your tip passes, come along to the RCB with your rates notice, photo ID and a utility bill confirming your address.

Waste typeAmount
Household bulk junkUp to one tonne
Clean garden wasteUp to one tonne
Clean sand, bricks, roof tiles and concrete*Up to one tonne
Two mattresses and two fridge disposalsTwo of each only

*Please note that timber, glazed wall tiles, super six sheeting or plastic buckets containing dried cement will be not accepted as construction waste material, this material is for general waste disposal only.

Did you know? 

Tip passes are attached to your rates notice and are for residential use only. Passes can be combined with cash or EFTPOS payments if the delivered weight of the item/s exceeds the tip pass value.

Tip pass FAQs

I live in a rental property and the owner has sent me their tip passes. Can I use them?

Yes. If you live in a rental property within the City of Stirling, the managing agent or property owner may give you their tip passes to use.

You will need a signed letter from the managing agent or property owner authorising you to use the tip passes, and bring it with you to the Recycling Centre Balcatta, along with the tip passes, ID and a utility bill linking you to the property.

I receive my rates notice via email. Can I show my tip passes on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, however The Recycling Centre Balcatta does not have the facility to scan tip passes on smartphones or tablets, the weighbridge staff can enter the barcode manually.

It is preferred to print passes, due to the demand of this service and to prevent delays.

Can I use last year’s tip passes if I haven’t already used them?

No. Tip passes are only valid for the year they are issued.

I’m a Homeswest tenant. Do I have access to tip passes?

Yes. However, Homeswest tenants must phone our Contact Centre before visiting the Recycling Centre Balcatta.

Recycling Shop Balcatta

The Recycling Shop

The Centre is also home to the Recycling Shop, where you can purchase a range of previously owned items and enjoy a coffee and snacks from the on-site café while you browse.

Find out more

Location and opening hours

Address 238 Balcatta Road, Balcatta WA 6021

Monday - Saturday 7.30am to 4.00pm
Sunday 8.00am to 4.00pm
Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday Closed