Safer Suburbs Rebate

The City of Stirling is offering residents a rebate of up to $500 for eligible safety and security equipment. 

The Safer Suburbs Rebate aims to reduce crime and empower residents to take a proactive approach to crime prevention by providing an incentive for the purchase and installation of security related items.

Rebates are currently available for:

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • security screens and locks for doors and windows
  • home security alarm systems
  • security and sensor lighting.

Items installed by a Licenced Security Agent or Installer may be eligible for a 30% rebate. Items that are self-installed (or do-it-yourself) may be eligible for a 20% rebate on the equipment only. The accumulative rebate amount may not exceed $500 per household. 

Please review the Terms and Conditions to determine your eligibility. It is also recommended that you do your research first before purchasing an eligible item.

If you are unsure whether your item or service is eligible, please contact us by emailing

Terms and conditions 

Applicant eligibility

  1. The Safer Suburbs Rebate is available to residents and businesses within the City of Stirling
  2. The property where the eligible equipment is installed must be within the City of Stirling
  3. The commencement date of the Safer Suburbs Rebate is 1 May 2023 and only purchases made on or after this date will be eligible for a rebate 
  4. The Safer Suburbs Rebate will cease at such time as determined by the City of Stirling
  5. Applicants who received a safety rebate in the previous scheme (between October 2022-June 2023) are eligible for a rebate under this Safer Suburbs Rebate provided they meet the eligibility criteria as specified herein. 

Eligible items and services

6. Only one rebate claim can be submitted per household and per applicant. This can include multiple items, to a maximum rebate value of $500.

7. Rebate amounts for the purchase and/or installation of eligible items and for the carrying out of eligible repairs are specified in the following table: 


DIY installation 

(applicable to equipment purchase only)
Professional installation

Home alarm and/or CCTV systems

(minimum purchase and/or installation value of $200) 
20% (up to $500)

30% (up to $500)

(Must be installed by a licensed Security Agent or Security Installer)

Security door screens

(minimum purchase and/or installation value of $200) 
20% (up to $500)

30% (up to $500)

(Must be installed by a licensed Security Agent or Security Installer)

Deadlock (door or window)

(minimum purchase and/or installation value of $50) 
20% (up to $500)

30% (up to $500)

(Must be installed by a licensed Security Agent or Security Installer)

Security window screens or window shutters

(minimum purchase and/or installation value of $100) 

20% (up to $500) 

(electric shutters must be installed by a licenced electrician)

30% (up to $500)

(electric shutters must be installed by a licenced electrician)


Security sensor light

(minimum purchase and/or installation value of $50) 
20% (up to $500)

30% (up to $200)

(must be installed by a licenced electrician if connected to mains power)

8. If a rebate has already been claimed for an eligible household (including partner’s claim), an Applicant cannot claim another rebate. 

9. Eligible items purchased must be installed or located at the Applicant’s eligible household. 

10. Applicants agree to undertake their own due diligence when engaging a tradesperson to install the eligible items to ensure they comply with relevant laws, regulation(s) and these Terms and Conditions.

A licence search can be carried out on the Commerce WA website.

The electrician should also issue an electrical safety certificate to the customer within 28 days of the work. 

If items 1-3 in the table above are installed by a contractor, such contractor must be a registered business (with an Australian Business Number) operating in the installation of home security products and must hold all relevant licences including a Security Agent Licence issued by WA Police under the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996 and the Security & Related Activities (Control) Regulations 1997. 

Approved Security Agents and Security Installers are limited to those persons listed on the Western Australia Police Force website under ‘Current Licence Holders‘, as amended from time to time. 

11. Do it yourself installation is permitted except when electrical work is being performed whereby a licenced Electrical Contractor must be engaged.   

Australian standards

12. Eligible items must be compliant with Australian Standards where applicable. In particular: 

Security screens: 

AS 5039: 2008 (Security Screens Doors and Window Grilles) 

AS 5040: 2003 (Installation) 

AS 5041: 2003 (Method of Test) 

Deadlocks AS 4145.2: 2008 (Locksets and hardware for doors and windows) 

13. The City of Stirling reserves the right to ask for further information on the eligible item(s) claimed to determine compliance with the Australian Standards or licencing requirements for installation or repairs prior to administering payment to the Applicant. 

Relevant approvals

14. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to obtain all necessary approvals from a landlord or strata company before buying or installing devices.  

15. Applicants should contact the City of Stirling prior to purchasing any eligible item if they are unsure on their eligibility to claim a rebate for such item.  


16. Applicants who wish to apply for the rebate must purchase the eligible item/s and/or installation service prior to applying. Applications can be lodged on the City of Stirling’s website or by completing an application form. 

17. A copy of the required identification documents listed on the application form, signed by the Applicant, must be provided with the application form. 

18. Copies of dated tax receipts showing proof of purchase and/or installation must accompany the application form. The suppliers ABN must also be visible on the receipt. 

19. The item or service must be paid in full and installed prior to the rebate claim being made and evidence to support this (via the tax receipt) must be provided. 

20. Payment of the rebate will only be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the account of the Applicant nominated on the application. 

21. The Applicant agrees to release and indemnify and keep indemnified the City of Stirling from any loss, claim or liability arising out of, or in relation to a security or safety device that is the subject of this rebate except to the extent such loss, claim or liability is caused by the City of Stirling’s negligence or breach of law. 

22. The City of Stirling reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. 

23. The Applicant acknowledges the Safer Suburbs Rebate or benefits provided under the Safer Suburbs Rebate may change from time to time or may be revoked altogether at the absolute discretion of the City of Stirling. 

24. The Applicant must not submit a false claim for the Safer Suburbs Rebate, profit in any way from the Rebate or breach any of these Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply with this requirement may constitute a criminal offence and / or the Applicant may be required to repay the Rebate to the City of Stirling which amount will be deemed to be a debt due and payable by the Applicant to the City of Stirling upon demand by the City of Stirling.

25. All installations are subject to inspection at the City’s discretion. 

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If you have any questions regarding eligibility it is recommended you contact the City of Stirling prior to proceeding with any installation on (08) 9205 8555 or email