Policies and local laws

This section contains information about existing City of Stirling council policies and local laws.


One of Council’s functions under the Local Government Act 1995 is to make policy. A policy forms part of the City of Stirling's decision-making framework.

Though they are not binding, a policy does provide guidance on a range of issues.

Local laws

The City of Stirling has made a number of local laws which regulate and manage activities throughout the City. These local laws are enforceable through the courts.

Proposed local laws

At the council meeting held on Tuesday 13 June 2017, Council resolved to give statewide and local public notice of its proposal to make the City of Stirling Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2017. The purpose and effect are as follows:

The purpose of this law is to provide for the regulation, management and control of activities in thoroughfares and public places throughout the district.