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Businesses can range from a small office that is run out of your home to large hospitality venues. Depending on the type of business you wish to set up, you may be required to apply for approval or get permission from the City.

Review the business type most relevant to you below:

Home-based businesses

  • Home offices

Home offices are not permitted to employ anyone who is not a member of the household and is not permitted to have any custom/trade signage or involve any food preparation

  • Home occupations

Home occupations are permitted to have some custom/trade signage. However, they are limited to the use of 20mof floor area and may not employ anyone who is not a member of the household

  • Home businesses

Home businesses are permitted to employ up to 2 people who are not members of the household and are limited to the use of 50m2 of floor area. Some custom/trade signage is permitted

  • Home food businesses

We suggest you read our Guidelines for Food Preparation in Residential Premises for Sale to the Public then contact the City for guidance on any required approvals. Once you have the necessary approval, you must complete and submit a Food Premises Notification Form.

Hospitality businesses

Food, beverage and hospitality businesses are vital to the community by increasing tourism and boosting the economy. However, there are legislation and codes of practice to follow, specific health and safety training to undertake and approvals to obtain before opening. Please refer to Step 4 - Health approval.

Outdoor dining areas

The City recognises that outdoor eating areas (alfresco dining) can make a significant contribution to the vitality and ambience of public places. They offer opportunities for social interaction or quiet reflection while helping to stimulate the local business economy.

Outdoor eating areas located on City land require an Outdoor Eating Area Permit which is subject to annual renewal. There is an application process and fees are applicable.

Development approval may also be required for your outdoor eating area prior to applying for your permit. For more information contact the Development Services Business Unit.

Temporary food vans/stalls/stands

Regardless of whether your temporary food business is for profit, or charity or community fundraising reasons, you must complete an Application to Sell Food at Events. Please note, permits to sell food at events are renewed annually.

Before filling out the form, we suggest you read our guidelines Minimum Standards for the Use of Temporary Food Premises for One or Two Day Events, obtain permission from the event organiser and ensure your public liability insurance is up to date.

Hairdressing or skin penetration businesses

If you plan to operate a hairdressing, personal care or a body art business, you must be registered under, and comply with the Health (Skin Penetration) Regulation 1998 and the Hairdressing Establishment Regulations 1972. You'll also be required to complete a notification of premises where skin procedures are conducted or notification of hairdressing premises.

Most hairdressing and skin penentration businesses will also need development and health approval. For more information, please phone our Customer Contact Centre.

Personal training

The City has developed new, personal and group training guidelines. This is to help manage increasing requests for access to public open space and sporting grounds, by personal and group trainers.  

To be eligible for a personal trainer or group fitness operator permit within the City of Stirling, you must have the following:

  • Approved qualifications endorsed by Fitness Australia and/or VETAB providers such as TAFE, universities and nationally recognised training institutions/colleges
  • A current senior first aid certificate
  • Proof of current professional registration with Fitness Australia or the relevant peak body
  • Current public liability insurance ($10 million minimum) and professional indemnity insurance for the life of the permit.

Personal training permits

Permit typesGroup sizeNo. of reserves per permitMaximum hours per week
Small group1 - 4 people118 hours
Medium group5 - 10 people218 hours
Large group11 - 25 people318 hours

Personal training seasonal permit fees

Permit feesWinter (1 April - 30 September)Summer (1 October to March)12 months
Small group (1 - 4 people)$225.00$425.00$550.00
Medium group (5 - 10 people)$550.00$750.00$1,100.00
Large group (11 - 25 people)$1,100.00$1,300.00$2,200.00

Bootcamps and short fitness session fees

Small group$5.00 per session
Medium group$10.00 per session
Large group$20.00 per session

Personal training application process

Step 1 - Read the Personal Training and Commerical Group Fitness Guidelines

Step 2 - Read the Personal Training Policy

Step 3 - Read the Frequently Asked Questions

Step 4 - Submit an enquiry via the Reserves or beach booking form

Step 5 - Your form will go to the Recreation and Leisure Services department for processing.

You'll be advised of the outcome of your application within five working days.