Organising an event

The City encourages community groups and professional event organisers to run events, however this can be challenging and complex. The City aims to support organisers through the entire planning and approval process.

Getting started

What is an event?

An event is a prearranged gathering of people brought together for a common leisure, entertainment or competitive purpose, that is not considered ‘business as usual’. Events are open to the general public to attend either by free entry or requires a ticket or registration, and generally have activities, entertainment, food/drink or other stalls.

To ensure a safe and suitably-run event that has a positive impact on our community, all proposed events are assessed by the City.

An event must meet a variety of guidelines and requirements in order to be approved. These requirements apply to events held on land owned and managed by the City, and privately owned land or premises.

To ensure your event is successful and to reduce any potential risk to public health and safety, you'll require a good understanding of: 

  • Event planning processes
  • State and local government regulations and requirements.

Does my event require an application?

An online event application must be submitted if the event:

  • Is on land owned or managed by the City, or in a public place (e.g. In a park or beach reserve), or;
  • Is open to the general public (either a free event or where tickets are sold for events on both private and public land), or;
  • Has an expected attendance of over 100 people, or;
  • At the descretion of the City of Stirling.

Event applications are not required for events such as birthday parties or other social gatherings, unless there is more than 100 people attending or there are other activites such as bouncy castles, food trucks or other special requests.  

For private events being held on privately owned land or premise (excluding residential premises), click here to submit your details and the City will contact you. Events on private land may require an Event Application; a City Officer will advise if this is required. 

For events that operate for more than 48 hours (including set up and pack down) or for a series of events, an Application for Development may be required. For further advise on an Application for Development, visit the City’s Planning and Building section, or phone our Customer Contact Centre on (08) 9205 8555.

When do I need to submit an online event application?

An online event applications must be submitted a minimum eight (8) weeks prior to the event date.

Development Applications (if required) are to be submitted 120 days prior to the event.

Other permit and approvals that may be required to support an event application have their own timeframes, and these are outlined in the Event Application Guidelines and Requirements.

Event applications for events on public land

The City has an online service which enables organisers to set up an account, submit and manage event applications.

To help you understand the event application and assessment process, we’ve created a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

Step 1 - Discuss the event with the City

Discuss your event plans with the City as early as possible. If you have an idea for an event, but don’t know where to start, arrange a meeting with our External Events Officer. We can guide you on suitable locations, event planning and management, the requirements for holding events in the City, and the application process.

Once you have planned your event, we are here to help facilitate the necessary approvals and permits.

Top tip

When organising an event, please plan in advance and allow a minimum 8 - 12 weeks for your application to be processed.

Step 2 - Read our Event Application Guidelines and Requirements and Event Application Checklist

To ensure your event complies with local laws, regulations and other legislative requirements, it is essential that you read the Event Application Guidelines and Requirementswhilst planning an event and before submitting an application. This document also outlines the various supplementary documents or other permits you may need to submit with an event application.

To assist in preparing for an application refer to the event application checklist.

Step 3 - Complete your planning, and supplementary documents

Once the Event Application is submitted, the City’s Community Event Officer will conduct an initial assessment and may request additional information or documentation. Further assessment is then undertaken by relevant departments within the City, and you may be contacted throughout this process.

Additional application documents can be found below. Other supplementary application forms, templates and information can be found on the Event Resources webpage.

Step 4 - Register for an online account

  1. Click ‘register’ button below and complete your details
  2. Your will receive an email with instructions on how to set a password
  3. Once a password is set you will be logged in to your account.

Register for an online account

Step 5 - Submit an online event application

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Click ‘Start a new application’
  3. Complete the online form and attached relevant supplementary documents
  4. Complete the declaration and submit the application.

You will be unable to complete an online application where the event date is less than eight weeks from the time of attempting to submit the form. Late applications will not be accepted.

A certificate of public liability insurance and event site plan is required to progress through the online form.

Login to your online account

Step 6 - Manage your application

You can resume a saved application, provide additional documents to complete an application, check the status of an application, and view previous event applications, by logging into your online account.

Login to your online account

Step 7 - Application outcome

Once your application has been completed, you will receive acknowledgement of submission via email.

The City will then undertake an initial assessment of the application, and may request additional information or documentation.

Further assessment is undertaken by relevant departments within the City, and you may be contacted throughout this process.

If approved, you will receive written approval and all relevant documentation. It is important that you read the approval conditions as it is the event organiser’s responsibility to adhere to these conditions when operating an event.

The City will work with organisers to obtain approvals, however if the application is unsuccessful, the City of Stirling will discuss this with you and provide written advise.

Step 8 - After your event

Once your event is complete, the City will contact you to gather feedback on the event and return any keys or bonds, or we may request a debrief meeting. Once this information is gathered, the application will then be closed.

Log in to your online account to submit an event application

To discuss an event or the requirements, arrange a meeting, or require assistance with the online service, please email or phone our Customer Contact Centre on (08) 9205 8555.​