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Illegal dumping

Illegally dumped rubbish has the potential to attract vermin such as rats and cockroaches, and can put pedestrians and cyclists in danger by blocking paths and passageways. Dumping waste and unwanted items on vacant land, housing lots and verges is strictly prohibited and penalties apply.

Illegal dumping is also a huge waste of resources, as many dumped items such as unwanted furniture and whitegoods can be recycled or reused.

Tips for disposing of unwanted items

There are a number of services City of Stirling resident can avail of to dispose of rubbish so there is no excuse for illegal dumping. With increased cameras and patrolling, those who are caught will be issued with a fine.

If you see it, report it by phoning our Customer Contact Centre.

Did you know?

The City does not collect illegally dumped rubbish or waste from private residences or land.

Land owners should only report illegally dumped rubbish or waste on their own property if evidence is provided that may identify the offender.

To report illegal dumping within the City of Stirling, please submit an illegal dumping form
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