Commercial and private parking agreements

Commercial and private parking agreements can help prevent illegal or unauthorised parking on commercial or private property.

It is accepted that property owners provide parking at their premises in support of their particular needs which include their visitors, customers and own use. The City’s parking agreements can assist both private and commercial property owners and occupiers with the management of their parking facilities.

City of Stirling enforcement officers are authorised under State and local legislation to issue infringements to offending vehicles. Additionally, the City is able to register any infringements issued to offending vehicles for  follow up enforcement action by the States Fines Enforcement Registry.

Once an agreement has been established and is in place between the City of Stirling and the property owner or occupier, our enforcement officers will visit the area as part of their regular patrols. They will monitor the area for compliance with the particular parking rules and regulations that are in place.  

Application fees and annual renewal apply to all parking agreements.

Apply for parking agreement

Signage must comply with the City’s signage style guide. Please note that applicants are responsible for providing and installing signage.