This page provides information about the City's of Stirling's ePetitions.

Petitions allow the community to bring matters of concern to the City of Stirling's attention
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TitlePrincipal petitionerClosing date
Request for the City of Stirling to Declare a Climate EmergencyKerri Altschuler18 May 2020
To declare a climate emergency for the purpose of securing a safe, healthy and liveable future and avoid the utterly disastrous ramifications of the climate crisis.
Request for the City of Stirling to ban the use of Glyphosate.Fiona Belotti30 November 2019
Glyphosate is hazardous to the environment and classified by the IARC as "Probably Carcinogenic to Humans". Please ban it's use within the City of Stirling.
Request for pedestrian crossing at Harborne/Powis intersection, GlendaloughLucy Hopkins15 November 2019
The intersection is very busy, and is next to a primary school and near an old people's home. It is in need of a pedestrian crossing to safeguard residents.