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A crossover is the section of a driveway that crosses over the verge, from the edge of the property boundary to the edge of the road.

The City requires prior approval for all crossover works prior to construction. If you are planning to install a new crossover, please make sure you follow the key requirements provided in the Crossover Specifications and Guidelines (see useful documents below).

The City will contribute toward the cost of the first concrete or brick-paved crossover or the replacement of an existing bitumen crossover to the property, provided it is constructed in accordance with the City’s requirements. 

Crossover installation application

Once you have fully read the guidelines, you can apply for a crossover installation via the residential or non-residential application forms: 

Residential application

Non-residential application 

Crossover subsidy

Owners who are carrying out first-time crossover installations may be eligible for a subsidy. Applicants must advise the City on their crossover application form, that they will apply for a subsidy.

Once the works have been completed, please complete a crossover subsidy application form.

Please note, you must apply for a crossover subsidy within twelve months of the crossover completion.

Apply for a crossover subsidy

Setbacks are required from street trees

Crossovers must be set back from street trees to protect tree roots and provide space for tree growth, and trees must be protected from damage during crossover construction. Street trees will not be removed to enable the construction of a crossover.  

The setback required is determined by the trunk diameter measured at breast height (1.4m).
Tree trunk diameter, measured at breast heightSetback required
Up to 200mm


Between 201mm and 400mm2m
401mm and above3m

Requesting a variation to setback requirements

The City may permit variations to the setback requirements in some circumstances.

Variations are not permitted where: 

  • It would result in adverse impacts to the street tree
  • A minimum width (3m) crossover with or without an internal driveway taper would achieve the required setback
  • An alternative design would relocate the crossover away from the street tree
  • The size or location of the crossover is purely a personal preference.  

Fees apply to requests for setback variations, irrespective of the outcome of the request.   

To request a setback variation:

The reduced setback should be noted on the Crossover Application Form or Development Application and an explanation provided of why the required setback cannot be achieved. The City’s arborist will undertake onsite excavations to determine the degree of root damage and growth restriction the reduced setback would create.

 The City Officer processing your Development Application or Crossover Application will liaise with other City departments as required and advise you of the outcome of your request.