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The local community describes Yokine as established, diverse, growing and close to the CBD. To better understand what is means to be ‘a local’ our suburb profile seeks to understand the local stories Koora (past), Yeyi (present), Boordawan (future) and respond to Ngalang Maya (our place). This snapshot identifies the unique character of Yokine’s neighbourhood and helps the City rethink how we deliver services with a local focus.

The Dog Swamp and Flinders Square shopping centres combine to form a major retail focus in the south of Yokine.

What it means to be a 'local'

What you've told us so far

Local issues

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Local focus

The City has created Locally-led Stirling to drive deeper connection at a local suburb level to listen and respond with a local focus.  At the heart of this Locally-led approach is an understanding that local people know what they need and a vision for everyone to get involved in shaping what it means to be “a local”.

We want to bring neighbours together, invest in local stories and inspire opportunities to work together. To find out more about Locally-led Stirling, visit Shaping our City

If you are looking for ways to get involved in your local area, please contact one of the City’s Local Engagement Officers by emailing getinvolved@stirling.wa.gov.au.

Local plans

Residential development

Residential development in Yokine has generally taken the form of single detached dwellings, particularly in the western and central portions. The style of buildings varies considerably, ranging from brick developments from the 1940s to timber-framed houses, International style homes and modern constructions. More recently there have been many duplex and unit developments dispersed throughout the suburb, and the existence of large lots around Spencer Avenue and Shakespeare Avenue will encourage further such developments.

Public open space and community infrastructure

Dog Swamp Shopping Centre is one of Yokine's major landmarks. This commercial and retail centre was established in 1967 and provides a vital service to the local community. The Dog Swamp and Flinders Square shopping centres combine to form a major retail focus in the south of Yokine. These centres provide for local shopping needs and contain a range of specialty stores.

The Western Australian Golf Club is also a well-known Yokine landmark. The course is located on the north-eastern boundary of Yokine and was developed in the 1920s. The park setting creates a prestige course, as well as providing a focus for residential development.

Yokine Hill, also known as Mount Yokine, was originally used as a survey point and is a significant landscape feature. The Native Dog Swamp wetland is under Environmental Protection Policy.

Yokine has 13 local spaces, two community spaces and one district open space, the largest being Yokine Reserve. The various reserves incorporate facilities including lawn bowling greens, sports ovals, tennis courts and a community recreation centre. Yokine also contains a major golf course, which caters for local residents and the wider community. The suburb also hosts a home for senior residents, two schools and a senior campus.

External projects

Council investment

Financial year 2023 - 2024

  • Yokine Reserve Public Toilets
  • Dog Swamp Bridge Landscaping Upgrade
  • Sportsfield Sustainability Renovation program - Yokine Reserve East


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