The City of Stirling is a fantastic place to live due to its proximity to shops, restaurants, transport, employment and entertainment. However, these activities can create noise that sometimes disturbs our community.

Residential noise

Noise can come from a number of residential activities such as parties, renovations and appliances. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1986, unreasonable noise can be considered as an offence and is subject to regulatory controls.

If you have a noisy neighbour, we recommend that you approach them politely to discuss the issue and work together to reach a resolution. If the noise continues, you can report a noise issue to the City for investigation.

For further information on a variety of noise sources, see our Noise Information Guide.

Did you know?

The noise from children playing, loud voices and vehicles on the road cannot be addressed using current legislation, so the City will not be able to intervene. However, we recommend that you approach the offending neighbour politely to try and reach a resolution.

construction noise

Construction noise

The assigned noise levels detailed in The Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations do not apply to construction work between 7.00am and 7.00pm from Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays). However, noise must still be considered reasonable.

Construction work on a construction site may proceed on a Sunday or public holiday provided that the noise does not exceed the assigned noise levels.

While construction noise is exempt during the specified times, radio and music systems used on the sites must comply with the assigned noise levels found in the Regulations.

Party noise

Party noise generally exceeds the assigned noise levels. However, most neighbours will tolerate a one-off-party if they are notified before the party starts.

If you experience a noise disturbance as the result of a party, please phone the City’s security team on 1300 365 356. For immediate police attendance for a noise complaint, please contact them by phoning 131 444.

For more information, please see hosting a party.

Reporting a noise issue

To report a noise issue, please complete a Noise investigation request form:

Noise Investigation Request Form