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Scarborough Skate and BMX facility

The Scarborough skate and BMX facility, known as the Snake Pit - is a reference to the area being the hottest spot for ‘bodgies’ and ‘widgies’ in the 50s and 60s. 

It’s split into four parts:

  • The Skate/BMX Street Plaza
  • The Skate Bowl
  • The Bouldering Wall
  • The 3 on 3 basketball facility.

While some of these facilities are not new concepts, there are cutting-edge features never before seen on this scale in Perth. The most notable are the Skate Bowl (the deepest in metropolitan Perth) and the Bouldering Wall, the first of its kind west of Melbourne!

While the Snake Pit is new and exciting, there are some considerations to take into account before entering the facility.

General considerations 

It is important to remember that this facility is located outside and at the beach. It may be slippery when wet, salty or at any other time of the day. Mums and dads, please keep an eye on your kids at all times!

Skating, scooting and riding can be difficult to master. You will fall at some stage, so make sure you're wearing protective gear including a helmet, and knee, elbow and wrist guards.

The Snake Pit is a space for everyone so treat others and the space with respect. Use the bins provided, don't bring glassware, don't use bad language and don't vandalise the place.

To report damage, please phone our Customer Contact Centre.

The Skate/BMX Street Plaza

The Street Plaza is designed with elements to mimic street-style skating and BMX riding. It is a great place to learn to skate, ride and scoot or to develop and hone your current skills.

There are no age restrictions at The Street Plaza; whether you're 5 or 105, you are welcome! Things can get a little intense with people of all ages learning new skills, so make sure you keep your eye on your surroundings.

The Skate/BMX Street Plaza is open every day from 7.00am until dusk.

Top tips

  •  Cutting in and snaking isn't fair and isn't cool. Hang back until it is your turn
  •  You should always wear appropriate safety gear at all times.

The Skate Bowl

The Skate Bowl is the deepest of its kind in WA and has been specifically designed to cater for national and international competitions. We recommend the bowl for skilled and experienced users only.

The Skate Bowl is open every day from 7.00am - 10.00pm.

Top tip

If you're a spectator, make sure you stay at least one metre back from the edge of the bowl at all times, as people may come flying out.

The Bouldering Wall

The first of its kind in WA, it is a space for everyone regardless of age or ability! Bouldering is not just about going up but also sideways and back down.

The Bouldering Wall is open every day from 7.00am until dusk.

Top tips

  •  Make sure you look up and side-to-side before you climb. If you're not climbing, please stand back
  •  Climbing requires free movement. Make you sure you wear loose and flexible clothing.

The 3 on 3 basketball facility

The 3 on 3 basketball court has been provided as part of the Scarborough Intergenerational Plaza - the Snake Pit. The court is open to all ages and abilities and has been designed to foster casual games of 3 on 3 basketball with the potential for organised competitions in the future.

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  • The Skate BowlThe Skate Bowl
  • The Bouldering Wall The Bouldering Wall
  • The Skate/BMX Street PlazaThe Skate/BMX Street Plaza
  • The 3 on 3 basketball facilityThe 3 on 3 basketball facility

Emergency contact information

In the event of an emergency, please phone 000 and quote the address as Scarborough Skate Park, The Esplanade (the nearest cross street is Manning St). 

For other police matters, please phone 131 444 or for City of Stirling Security phone 1300 365 356.

Please note: You use these facilities at your own risk and the City is not liable for any injury, which may include paralysis or death, however caused. 

Carine skate and BMX facility

The Carine skate and BMX facility is an existing concrete facility located at Carine Regional Open Space with access from Beach Road car park. Recently, there have been additions and improvements such as seating, entry pathway, shelters, signage and drink fountains.

For more information, please refer to the Carine Skate Facility Landscape Upgrade Plan.

Robinson Reserve incidental facility

Included as part of the community playground at Robinson Reserve is an incidental facility suitable for skate and scooter use, with surrounding picnic tables, shelters and an accessible drink fountain. The playground and incidental facility is located in the south west corner of the reserve with the closest access to the facility from Royal Street or Waterloo Street. 

For more information, please refer to the Robinson Reserve Community Playground Concept Design

Future BMX and Skate facilities

Future projects

Bina Parkland

The City undertook extensive community consultation in June 2015 to develop conceptual designs for the Princess Wallington Reserve satellite facility. After much consultation with the community, the final concept was approved by the City and includes multi-courts and parkour elements.

Dianella BMX and cycle Facility

The City of Stirling recently endorsed the City’s Skate and BMX Facility Strategy which identified Dianella Regional Open Space as a site with potential for a natural surface track set amongst the parkland. BMX and mountain biking facilities set within urban contexts are rapidly growing in popularity locally and nationally. 

To stay updated on current projects the City is engaging on, visit the Your Say section of the website.

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Useful documents

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