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Public transport and cycling

Public transport and cycling play an important role in any liveable City, and provide social, economic and environmental benefits to those who use them.

Public transport

To enjoy the public transport within the City you can buy a SmartRider card at one of the Transperth Info Centres or SmartRider Retail Outlets for flexible travel between trains and buses within the City of Stirling.

To plan your next journey, visit the Transperth website.

Bus stops and shelters

Bus stops and shelters encourage the use of public transport, and provide valuable protection from the elements for waiting passengers. 

Requesting a new shelter or upgrade

The City of Stirling provides bus shelters under a contract with the PTA. The following guidelines are applied when considering whether a bus shelter should be provided:

  • The average weekday boarding patronage is more than 15 people
  • Consultation with the PTA to ensure that the provision of a bus shelter does not conflict with any operational plans and will qualify for a subsidy under their Bus Shelter Subsidy Scheme
  • Suitability of the site in terms of available space, visibility for vehicles exiting adjacent roads or driveways          
  • Consultation with adjacent property owners/tenants where appropriate, to ensure that a bus shelter will not disproportionally impact the amenity of the property.

The location and provision of bus stops is the sole responsibility of the Public Transport Authority (PTA). Please note that not all requests for shelters are successful, and some locations may be unsuitable. The PTA and the City of Stirling have limited budgets each financial year, so applications will be assessed on individual merit and if accepted may be placed on a waiting list.

To lodge a request, please use the customer enquiry and feedback form.

Did you know?

Requests for upgrades to existing shelters will have a lower priority than requests for new shelters, unless the shelter is nearing the end of its life or the applicant is willing to fund the replacement.

Requesting the removal or relocation of a stop and/or shelter

There are limited circumstances in which a bus stop or an associated shelter will be considered for removal or relocation, which have been detailed below:

  • The PTA creates, relocates or removes a bus stop for operational purposes. Please note that the City has little influence in these instances
  • The relocation of a bus stop is necessary as a result of a Development Application, where the provision of a crossover would conflict with an existing bus stop. In these instances, the City would normally recommend to the PTA that the bus stop is relocated to the verge adjacent to the existing property location.

To lodge a request, please use the customer enquiry form:

Customer enquiry and feedback form

Did you know?

Relocations of bus stops and shelters for development or aesthetic purposes may incur a service fee to ensure full cost recovery for the City and the PTA. 


Cycling is a fun, healthy and sustainable way of getting around our City. It also gives you the opportunity to explore our beautiful landscape, while saving time and money.

To explore the various cycle routes in your area, please visit the Department of Transport website.

Bike trails and paths

Explore bike trails and paths

If you enjoy cycling as a pastime, explore the City's bike trails and paths:

Bike trails and paths