Bike trails and paths

The following City of Stirling parks and reserves have shared paths where you can enjoy a bike ride.

  • Lake Gwelup, Gwelup
  • Dianella Regional Open Space
  • Herdsman Lake Park
  • Carine Regional Open Space
  • Yokine Reserve
  • West Coast Highway/West Coast Drive coastal path
  • Jackadder Lake, Woodlands.

When riding, please remember that bicycles are treated as vehicles under law and are subject to the same road rules as cars. Please obey all traffic signals, and give way to pedestrians when using shared paths.

Cycling tips

Cycling rules and tips

  • Speed limits apply to cyclists! A 10 km/h speed limit applies to all vehicles travelling within City of Stirling parks (unless otherwise indicated by a sign). 10 km/h is about double walking speed
  • Ride safely and courteously. When riding on shared paths, please be aware of pedestrians and other path users
  • Give way to pedestrians at all times
  • Keep left unless overtaking
  • Ring your bell well in advance of reaching a pedestrian, to let them know you are behind them. Don't wait until you are close or you might startle them
  • Be aware of roaming dogs.