Waste initiatives

3 Bin Education Program

The City of Stirling is engaging with residents to inform them on how to best use this system to ensure maximum resource recovery and reduce waste going to landfill. Part of this engagement process is to work with schools within the City. 

The City partnered with the Mindarie Regional Council in conjunction with Waste Wise Schools to deliver this important waste education program into local schools. It is proposed to visit every school in the City over the next two years. 

The exact make-up of the visit will depend on student (class) numbers and will be developed in consultation with the school and could include:

  • School assembly, with a talk on the 3 bin system
  • Workshops (preferably to Year 4/5 class groups) that may include a waste audit, talk, activities and games
  • Display to support assembly and workshops but also available for other class groups/parents/teachers to view during recess, lunchtimes and times without workshops
  • Take home material and information for parents.

This program is free and will be conducted by experienced presenters/educators. Presenters all hold Working with Children Check.

For further information, contact the Waste Education Team.

Phone (08) 9306 6303
​Email wasteed@mrc.wa.gov.au

Waste Wise schools

The Waste Authority's Waste Wise schools program is for WA primary and secondary schools. It aims to help them with educational strategies for reducing waste while developing positive environmental values in the whole school community.

By becoming an accredited Waste Wise school you will have access to free incursions, grant funding for waste wise projects, and ongoing support.

For more information, please visit the Waste Authority WA website.

Waste education and excursions

The Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) provides:

  • Incursions and excursions for school groups of all ages
  • Information and assistance for school recycling programs
  • A school battery recycling program.

Most services are free for schools within the City of Stirling.

One of the popular MRC programs is 'nude your food’, which teaches young people how to reduce waste in their own lunchboxes.

For more information, please visit the MRC website.

Composting and worm farms

Composting and worm farming

Worm farming is a great way to reduce your landfill by composting food scraps. Worm farming will eat most of your kitchen waste and turn it into fertiliser for you to use or give to friends and family. Worm farming is great for people with a small amount of space. They don’t smell and can be kept indoors.

The City runs worm farming and composting workshops throughout the year. Keep an eye on our events page to sign up.

Dog poo dispenser worm farm

The Dog poo dispenser is a very simple, mobile worm farm to place directly in your garden.  Dispensers are a recycled product, made from City of Stirling wheelie bins that are  beyond repair. Dispensers (bottomless, recycled wheelie bins) are available for purchase at the Recycling Shop located at 328 Balcatta Road, Balcatta and they are available in two sizes:

  • Small (made from recycled 140L wheelie bins):  $10.00 
  • Large (made from recycled 240L wheelie bins):  $15.00. 

Dispensers are very simple to use, as follows: 

Place dispenser directly in your garden in a shaded area, i.e. next to a flower bed, by a tree or against the back fence, and push a few centimetres in to the soil. 

  1. Add worms and castings and drop in your dog's waste
  2. Add a couple of ice cream containers full of wetted and shredded paper once a week. (to provide cover for worms to attack waste efficiently)
  3. Add a litre of water to dispenser once a week to keep contents moist
  4. Worms convert waste to fertiliser, for instant take-up by plants
  5. Move dispenser and worms (contained in the first few centimetres of soil) to a new patch every 3-4 months or when dispenser becomes full.

Please note compost worms for the dispenser need to be purchased separately.