Urban planning

Development of our growing City is managed through plans, policies and rules under the Western Australian planning system. The City is committed to creating liveable communities and places through strategic land use planning. 

How is the City planning for urban growth?

  • A Local Planning Strategy is essentially a ‘road map’ of the future growth directions for the City. The Local Planning Strategy is intended to guide future decisions in relation to rezoning, residential density changes and funding for future services and infrastructure.

    The City of Stirling's draft Local Planning Strategy provides guidance and direction to ensure coordinated and responsive land use planning across the City. It is intended to provide the strategic basis for current and future local planning schemes, as well as guide and manage future development in the City. It is a statutory document and provides a link between state and regional strategic planning policies and local interests.

    If future development within the City isn't suitably planned, population growth and increased commercial opportunities could have a detrimental impact on the City and its residents. However, with the necessary planning measures in place, the City will ensure that it makes the most of this potential growth.

    The main themes arising from the draft Local Planning Strategy include:

    • Focusing increased densities around centres and activity corridors
    • Guiding design elements of multiple and grouped dwellings throughout the City
    • Reviewing residential capacity in areas where unsustainable growth can occur
    • Increasing housing diversity in suitable locations
    • Expanding existing local commercial centres, investigating potential density increases and revitalising local centres
    • Protecting the natural and historic built environment
    • Improving sustainable transport options and reducing car dependency
    • Providing for increased employment and commercial opportunities within the City.

    Copies of the City's Draft Local Planning Strategy can be viewed by selecting one of the links below:

    Draft Local Planning Strategy - Part One

    Draft Local Planning Strategy - Part Two

    Did you know?

    The Local Planning Strategy is a two part document. Part one contains the overall strategic direction for the City, while part two contains all relevant background information and an analysis of the issues the City is facing.

  • A Local Planning Scheme is a statutory document that sets out zonings and other classifications over land and provides rules and requirements that control land use and development in the City. It also sets out the processes that must be followed to obtain planning approvals.

    The City's Local Planning Strategy guides the zoning and regulations in the Local Planning Scheme. 

    Local Planning Scheme No. 3 controls the development and use of land across the City of Stirling (with the exception of the land within the Scarborough redevelopment area). The formal Scheme documents comprise of the Scheme Text and Scheme Maps and must be read in conjunction with the Local Planning Scheme No. 3 - Policy Manual.

    Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015

    The Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015 were gazetted on 25 August 2015 and took effect on 19 October 2015.

    The Regulations include the Deemed Provisions (Schedule 2) which automatically apply to all local planning schemes in Western Australia; and therefore override numerous provisions of the City's Local Planning Scheme No. 3; Schedule 2 of the Regulations is therefore to be read in conjunction with Local Planning Scheme No.3 and prevails in the case of any inconsistencies.

    For more information, please visit the Western Australian Planning Commission website.

    Did you know?

    The Scheme Maps divide the district into zones to identify areas for particular uses and identifies land reserved for public purposes. The Scheme Text sets out the Local Planning Framework, and identifies the types of uses and development permitted in the different zones.

Policies and plans

Local planning policies

The following local planning policies have been adopted by Council under the Local Planning Scheme No. 3 or the Local Government Act:

Document nameDownloadable files
2.3 Bed and Breakfast Accommodation331.7KB (PDF)
2.4 Home Office, Home Occupation and Home Business291.8KB (PDF)
2.5 Parking of Commercial Vehicles247.6KB (PDF)
2.6 Residential Building Heights623.1KB (PDF)
2.8 Multiple Dwellings326.2KB (PDF)
3.1 Character Retention Guidelines - Mount Lawley, Menora, and Inglewood3.7MB (PDF)
3.10 Ocean Rise Design Guidelines347.9KB (PDF)
3.11 Princeton (Phase 1) Design Guidelines498.6KB (PDF)
3.12 Princeton (Phase 2) Design Guidelines545.7KB (PDF)
3.13 Roselea Estate Design Guidelines3.2MB (PDF)
3.14 Talia Gardens Design Guidelines318.3KB (PDF)
3.15 The Willows Design Guidelines418.6KB (PDF)
3.16 Willow Heights Design Guidelines382.6KB (PDF)
3.17 Stirling on Princeton Design Guidelines415.3KB (PDF)
3.18 Stirling Green Design Guidelines348.4KB (PDF)
3.2 Civic Precinct Residential Design Guidelines338.6KB (PDF)
3.4A ECU Design Guidelines Stage 1 and 21.4MB (PDF)
3.4B ECU Design Guidelines Stage 4789.5KB (PDF)
3.4C ECU Design Guidelines Stage 5653.7KB (PDF)
3.4D ECU Design Guidelines Stage 5B621.1KB (PDF)
3.6 Gwelup Design Guidelines415.9KB (PDF)
3.7 Montclair Design Guidelines338.6KB (PDF)
3.8 Northwood Grove438.8KB (PDF)
3.9 Ocean Boulevard Design Guidelines342.0KB (PDF)
4.1 Reserves and Other Zones Design Guidelines252.9KB (PDF)
4.2 Mixed Use and Commercial Centre Design Guidelines356.0KB (PDF)
4.3 Industrial Design Guidelines588.4KB (PDF)
4.4 Mixed Business Design Guidelines292.9KB (PDF)
4.5 Private Institution Design Guidelines307.2KB (PDF)
5.1 Stirling Civic Mixed Use Precinct Design Guidelines365.2KB (PDF)
5.2 Inglewood Town Centre Design Guidelines998.7KB (PDF)
5.3 Main Street Plaza Design Guidelines359.3KB (PDF)
5.7 Karrinyup Regional Centre Guidelines685.2KB (PDF)
5.8 Stirling City Centre Parking860.4KB (PDF)
5.9 Mirrabooka Town Centre Parking802.9KB (PDF)
6.1 Advertising Signs1.3MB (PDF)
6.10 Renewable Energy Systems284.9KB (PDF)
6.11 Trees and Development policy272.5KB (PDF)
6.2 Bicycle Parking311.4KB (PDF)
6.3 Bin Storage Areas250.3KB (PDF)
6.4 Child Day Care Centres260.0KB (PDF)
6.5 Developments and Subdivisions Abutting Rights of Way433.2KB (PDF)
6.6 Landscaping417.6KB (PDF)
6.7 Parking and Access1.6MB (PDF)
6.8 Satellite Dishes254.1KB (PDF)
6.9 Street Addressing331.3KB (PDF)

Local development plans

Structure plans

A structure plan is used to indicate the way in which an area is proposed for development.

Proposed Local Development Plan

Lot 7, House Number 31, Gribble Road, Gwelup

An application has been received for a proposed Local Development Plan at the above address. Should you wish to make a submission on this proposal, please do so by 4 December 2018.

Comments can be made to the City via email or mail via the details provided below:

Email development@stirling.wa.gov.au

Mail City of Stirling, PO Box 1533, Osborne Park WA 6916

Should you have any further queries, please contact the Senior Planning Officer on (08) 9205 8438.