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Planning and building approval

This page provides about the importance of seeking planning and building approval prior to starting a business.

Planning approval 

You will need to establish if you require planning approval before you can start your new business:

  • Check that your proposed premises has current development approval for how you intend to use it. For example, does your tenancy have approval to operate as a restaurant or is it currently approved for use as a grocery shop?
  • Determine the suitability of your proposed premises regarding zoning, parking requirements and other details relating to its intended use
  • If you wish to build new premises or change the use of existing premises, you must submit a development application
  • Or if you wish to serve food outdoors or have an alfresco dining area.

For more information, please phone our Customer Contact Centre.

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Top tip

Ensure that the premises you are planning to operate in has approval for the correct type of business you are looking to open.


Building approval

If you'd like to build or develop a premises for your business, but you don’t know what kind of building permit or approval you will require, please see Develop your property.

If you need advice or guidance, the City’s building surveyors and planning officers are here to help.

For more information, please phone our Customer Contact Centre.

Planning and building service request

The City can investigate planning and building service issues that fall under compliance: 

  • Business from home
  • Commercial vehicle parking
  • Dangerous or unsafe buildings
  • Overlooking / privacy issues
  • Departure from approved plans
  • Swimming pools / spa barrier
  • Unauthorised structures
  • Unauthorised signage
  • Unauthorised land use
  • Unauthorised cut and/or fill.

To submit a development services planning and building service request, please complete the following form:

Planning and building service request