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Figuring out where to start on a project can be confusing. This page details the initial steps you should take before commencing your project. 

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    • The City has mapped different areas or zones which have restrictions and approval processes depending on state and local government legislation, which takes into account the needs of the environment.

      Currently, Local Planning Scheme No. 3 controls the development and use of land across the City of Stirling - with the exception of the land within the Scarborough Redevelopment Area. Please note, the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) are the responsible authority in this area.

      Each zone has rules around:

      • What you can build
      • How high you can build
      • What sort of activities you can use the land or building for, such as residential housing, business, industrial use etc.

      The formal Scheme documents comprise of the Scheme Text and Scheme Maps and must be read in conjunction with the Local Planning Scheme No. 3 - Policy Manual.

      Did you know?

      The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) is the responsible authority for the Scarborough Redevelopment Area, not the City of Stirling. If you live in this area and have a development enquiry, please contact the MRA directly. 

    • Development approval

      Development approval relates to land use and ensures that a development complies with the relevant Local Planning Scheme, residential design codes (R-Codes) and other relevant legislations and policies.

      For example:

      • Building a single house, grouped dwellings or multiple dwellings
      • Extending or altering an existing building (including sheds, patios, garages, carports and satellite dishes)
      • Building a replacement structure (for example, an old patio is being dismantled and another patio is being built as a replacement)
      • Changing the use of the subject property
      • Conducting business from home.

      Building approval

      Before building work can start, a permit is required for most residential, commercial and industrial structures, including but not limited to:

      • New works

      • Alterations
      • Additions and extensions
      • Swimming pools and spas (including pool safety barriers or fences for pools and spas)
      • Patios and sheds.

      Please note, property owners intending to undertake building works over the value of $20,000 must apply directly to the Building Commission for an owner-builder approval. The owner-builder approval must be submitted with your building permit application.

    • There are two ways to submit a request for copy of plans:


      To submit an online application, please use the eLodgement service below:

      Online lodgement


      If you'd prefer to submit your application offline, please use the form below: 

      Offline lodgement

      This form can either be submitted in person at the City of Stirling Administration Building or sending the relevant documents by post to:

      Development Services, 25 Cedric Street Stirling WA 6021

      Please note that only property owners are able to request a copy of plans.

    Overarching state government regulations

    There are overarching state government regulations which automatically apply to all local planning schemes in Western Australia and therefore override numerous provisions of the City's Local Planning Scheme.

    For more information, please visit the Western Australian Planning Commission website.

    The importance of considering trees when developing

    Trees are important urban assets and provide us with environmental, aesthetic, cultural and economic benefits. Therefore, it's essential that trees are considered when developing to ensure their safety and health.

    On 11 October 2016, the City adopted Amendment No. 9 and Local Planning Policy 6.11 Trees and Development. This was in response to the decline in the City’s tree canopy cover and to ensure we achieve our vision for 2030 of cool, liveable suburbs. The amendment sets out new design requirements for trees on development sites and aims to ensure all new developments valued at over $100,000 in the City include at least one tree per 500m² of land.

    The amendment was approved by the Minister for Planning and came into effect on 24 October 2017.

    Learn more about the City's requirements in relation to trees and development
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    Useful documents

    Document nameDownloadable files
    Local Planning Scheme 3 - Text6.2MB (PDF)
    Local Planning Scheme 3 - Policy Manual18.1MB (PDF)
    6.11 Trees and Development Policy231.4KB (PDF)