Executive team

Meet the City of Stirling's executive team and learn about their areas of responsibility.

  • Ingrid Hawkins

    Director Corporate Services

    Ingrid has held senior management roles across the public sector for over 15 years and was appointed as the City’s Director Corporate Services in 2017. Ingrid is responsible for the human resources, information technology and finance functions of the organisation.

  • Michael Quirk

    Director Community Development

    Michael has over 15 years experience in local government with proven performance in the areas of stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, facility management, and community health and well-being.

    Michael is responsible for the community services, leisure, marketing, events, place activation, ranger and security services and customer service functions of the organisation.

  • Position vacant

    Director Infrastructure

    This position is currently undergoing recruitment.

  • Stevan Rodic

    Director Planning and Development

    Stevan has over 22 years experience in local government and is highly experienced in managing development services and engaging with the community and industry groups. Stevan is responsible for the development services functions of the organisation including urban planning, building, health and economic development.