Design Review Panel

The City of Stirling Design Review Panel (DRP) is responsible for providing the City with expert independent advice on architecture, heritage, landscape architecture, planning, sustainability and environmental design and urban design relating to development proposals.

Interested in advising on design quality in planning?

Design Review Panel

Expressions of interest open

If you are enthusiastic about shaping and influencing design, with a background in urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, planning, heritage and/or sustainability and environmental design – we invite you to nominate for the City of Stirling’s Design Review Panel.

The Design Review Panel membership will include up to 15 suitably qualified professionals to act in a consultative capacity to the City, reviewing and providing independent, impartial, expert design advice on a variety of development proposals and strategic instruments.

How to apply

While the Design Review Panel does not have decision-making powers, the independent design advice provided by the panel will be taken into consideration in the assessment of a development application and conveyed to the decision maker of the application. It should be noted that addressing the Design Review Panels advice does not imply that development approval has or will be granted and each proposal must still comply with the City’s planning framework.

The aim of the City’s Design Review Panel (DRP) is to help improve the design of development and infrastructure proposals and ensure that projects maximise their contribution to the built environment for the benefit of our community. The panel’s expertise will also be useful for design advice on City-led projects and relevant strategic planning documents. The panel aims to do this by providing independent design advice to the City and applicants. 

View the Application Information and Terms of Reference here.

If you have any queries on the City’s Design Review Panel, please contact Giovanna Lumbaca, Coordinator Planning Approvals via telephone on (08) 9205 8555 or email

Submissions must be received by 5pm, Friday 27 August 2021.

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Design Review Panel meetings will be scheduled by the City as required.

The Design Review Panel is made up of 15 members with expertise in the following areas:

  • Architecture David Karotkin (Chairperson) and Emma Williamson (Deputy Chairperson), Dominic Snellgrove, John Taylor, Philip Gresley and Carmel van Ruth
  • Landscape Architecture Tony Blackwell and Damien Pericles
  • Heritage Stephen Carrick and Laura Gray
  • Engineering Peter Damen
  • Planning Andrew Howe
  • Urban Design Malcolm MacKay, Michael Murphy and Lisa Shine.

Current Design Review Panel members have been appointed for a term up to 31 October 2021.

Proposals considered by the Design Review Panel

The following matters may be referred to the Panel:

  • Development Applications valued at $2 million and over excluding:
    • Single House applications
    • Grouped Dwelling applications
    • Warehouse applications.
    • Where located within the Industry Zone unless referred to the Panel by the Manager Development Services
    • Where located within the Service Station Zone unless referred to the Panel by the Manager Development Services
  • Multiple Dwelling Applications equal to or greater than 10 dwellings
  • Local Development Plans
  • Structure Plans
  • Activity Centre Plans
  • Any proposed relevant Local Planning Scheme amendment or Local Planning Policy (including design guidelines) where referred by the Director Planning and Development
  • Any proposed Development Application which requires the exercise of judgement where referred by the Manager Development Services
  • Any City Project where referred by a member of the City’s Executive Team.

Consideration of the panel and feedback

Early engagement with the Design Review Panel process is encouraged. This engagement, and any subsequent feedback, will be provided by relevant City officers to a applicant within 10 working days following the Design Review Panel meeting. Amendments by applicants in response to feedback provided may be further reviewed by the panel in light of the initial issues raised.

For formal applications, the panels’ views and recommendations will be provided to the applicant and outlined in any formal report prepared by the City, such as a Council Report or Joint Development Assessment Panel Responsible Authority Report. The panel meeting notes will also be provided for consideration by the decision maker.

How do I engage with the Design Review Panel?

Lodgement of a Development Application

The City will present your application to the Design Review Panel for consideration following lodgement of a development application. Your application must meet the following thresholds;

  • Development Applications valued at $2 million and over excluding:
    • Single House applications
    • Grouped Dwelling applications
    • Warehouse applications
    • Developments located within the Industry Zone unless referred to the panel by the Manager Development Services
    • Developments located within the Service Station Zone unless referred to the panel by the Manager Development Services.
  • Multiple Dwelling Applications equal to or greater than 10 dwellings
  • Any proposed Development Application which has been referred by the Manager Development Services.

Development Applications can be lodged via the City’s website from the lodge an application page.  Alternatively you can lodge via post to Development Services, 25 Cedric Street Stirling WA 6021 or in person at the City’s Administration Centre.

What information do I need to provide to the Design Review Panel?

The following information is to be provided when seeking the Design Review Panel’s comments following lodgement of a development application:

  1. Site Context Analysis & Design Response
  2. Full set of plans/drawings provided in PDF format and drawn to appropriate scale
  3. Colour Perspectives of proposed development
  4. Assessment against SPP 7.0 Design Principles
  5. Assessment against City’s Planning Framework.

Following receipt of a pre-lodgement advice request to attend a Design Review Panel meeting and submission of the above information, City Officers will advise the applicant of the meeting date and attendance time.

Is there a cost associated with obtaining Design Review Panel advice?

The City’s Design Review Panel is a free service.

Who will attend the Design Review Panel meetings?

Design Review Panel meetings are not open to the public and can only be attended by applicants only. The meeting will also be attended by City Officers and Design Review Panel members.

What is the format of the meetings?

The Panel Chairperson will conduct the meeting in accordance with the meeting format outlined below. The recommended meeting duration for an item is 45 minutes, including a briefing. A longer duration can be allowed for complex projects. The format for discussion of individual items includes:

  1. Panel briefing and pre-review panel discussion - 10 minutes
  2. Welcome and Introductions - 5 minutes
  3. Proponent presentation - 10 minutes
  4. Panel questions and clarifications - 5 minutes
  5. Panel discussion - 10 minutes
  6. Confirmation of advice/recommendations - 5 minutes.

Panel report

The panel will produce a recommendation report on the development proposal and will be compiled in the following way:

  • Compiled as a draft during the meeting, using the template provided electronically with projection, to enable the intent of recommendations to be generally agreed upon at the meeting
  • Record conflicts of interest of panel members
  • Record key issues and panel recommendation
  • The Panel report will be referred to the Chairperson for final review and ratification
  • The ratified report will be provided to the Proponent within 10 working days of the meeting.

For development applications, the panel recommendations should also include one or a combination of the following statements:

  • The design is supported
  • The design is supported and is of sufficiently high quality to meet the relevant provisions of a particular planning instrument
  • The design is supported subject to the following conditions
  • The design is not supported giving clear reasons.

For formal applications the panel’s advice is to be incorporated as part of the officer assessment, report and recommendation on the proposal, and attached in full to the assessment report requiring consideration by the determining authority.

For further information relating to the City of Stirling Design Review Panel please contact