Green waste verge collections

This page is about the City's green waste verge collections, collection tips and information on how you can obtain green waste bags.

The City of Stirling conducts a green waste verge collection for residents every nine months. This allows you to dispose of bulk garden and organic waste. Green waste can be placed on the verge up to nine days before your scheduled collection. 

Green waste can be placed on the verge up to nine days before your scheduled collection and may take up to two weeks to be collected.

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Did you know?

Green waste placed on the verge more than nine days in advance of your collection is considered illegal dumping and will be subject to penalties. It is illegal to put green waste in parks, reserves, on vacant land or on commercial property. 

  • To ensure green waste is collected from your verge, please make sure:

    • Branches are no longer than 1.5 metres
    • Thick branches (25cm diameter and above) are cut into 30cm lengths
    • Loose and small green waste (weeds and leaves) are in a City of Stirling green waste recycling bag
    • Green waste is not in hessian, polypropylene or plastic bags
    • Green waste is free from contamination.

    Do not place green waste on or near:

    • Footpaths, driveways, overhanging onto the roadway or obstructing views from driveways
    • Artificial turf, trees/stumps or sprinklers
    • Water meters, Telstra covers, SECWA power covers, manhole covers or posts
    • Fences, walls, letterboxes and fixed objects.

    For information on which green waste is suitable for collection, please visit the Recycle WA website. 

  • Green waste bags allow residents to store small green waste before collection. To get your green waste bags, please visit one of the below collection points within 2 weeks of your scheduled collection date. You’ll need to bring along your green waste bag voucher, which is attached to your rates notice.

    Please note, green waste bags will be left on the verge after the collection for future use.

    Collection points and opening hours 

    Main Administration Centre

    25 Cedric Street, Stirling WA 6021

    Monday - Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm

    Balcatta Recycling Centre

    238 Balcatta Road, Balcatta WA 6021

    Monday - Saturday 7.30am - 4.00pm

    Sunday 8.00am - 4.00pm

    Stirling Leisure Centres - Herb Graham, Mirrabooka

    33 Ashbury Crescent, Mirrabooka WA 6061

    Monday - Friday 8.30am – 9.30pm

    Saturday - Sunday 9.00am – 5.00pm