Parks and playgrounds

The City of Stirling is fortunate to have 440 parks and 330 playgrounds for the public to enjoy, with something for every age group and ability.

Parks and playgrounds are essential community assets and as our city grows, they provide gathering spaces for events for a range of ages and abilities and provide a location to help build and strengthen community connections.

Adopt-A-Park Program

The City of Stirling’s Adopt-A-Park Supporters Program assists with the maintenance, clean up and beautification of all of the City’s parks, reserves and open spaces, creating a cleaner and safer environment for everyone to enjoy. The program is a joint effort between active residents and the City to improve nominated areas by removing litter, minor litter removal, identifying hazards and reporting vandalism.

Adopt-A-Park supporters act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of our local parks and their prompt reporting helps the City attend to matters sooner. Since the program was introduced in 2008, more than 400 residents have become involved in the maintenance of over 150 of the City’s parks and playgrounds.

Supporters perform a variety of task including:

  • Picking up litter
  • Report or remove graffiti
  • Report over-full bins
  • Report maintenance issues such as broken sprinklers and vandalised equipment.

Become an Adopt-A-Park supporter.

Parks and playgrounds

Playgrounds and parks

Thinking of celebrating a special occasion in a City of Stirling park?

Our reserves are public places. Casual spectators and members of the public cannot be excluded from using a reserve, so we cannot grant exclusive use or allow any part to be cordoned off.

  • Will your special occasion involve over 100 people or be open to the public?
  • Are you hiring any entertainment? (For example, bouncy castles, party ponies etc.) or require vehicle access to the park?
  • Will you be selling food?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below please visit the venues and facilities page for hire information.

For more information, including locations of playgrounds, BBQ and reserves available to hire visit the venues and facilities page
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Did you know?

The City has a review, refurbishment and replacement program to ensure maintenance, refurbishment and replacement of playgrounds is completed. This includes:

  • Fortnightly inspections for each playground to identify maintenance and operational issues
  • Comprehensive inspections every six months to confirm overall condition.

The condition rating of a playground is then used to schedule the timing for major refurbishment or replacement works.