Conduct and ethics

The City of Stirling is serious about preventing misconduct, corruption and fraud. We have introduced a code of conduct for elected members and employees in their dealings with the community and others; and a statement of business ethics to manage our relations with suppliers.

The City has established a dedicated hotline for reporting alleged misconduct, corruption or fraud. The City will investigate fully all reports and treat them with the utmost confidentiality. Persons disclosing misconduct or corruption-related matters are protected from reprisal or detrimental action by the Corruption and Crime Commission Act 2003 and other ‘whistleblower’ protection laws.

Code of conduct

The City’s code of conduct for elected members and employees covers the following topics:

  • Ethical decision-making
  • Managers’ obligations and responsibilities
  • Appropriate and inappropriate behaviour with colleagues
  • Ethical interactions with the community
  • Professional standards of appearance, confidentiality and appointments
  • Use of City resources, including intellectual property and discretionary expenses.

Statement of business ethics

A statement of business ethics has also been introduced to outline the expectations of goods and services providers. These include:

  • Complying with all Australian laws
  • Understanding the City’s policies, guidelines and procedures
  • Providing accurate and reliable advice and information when required 
  • Declaring actual or perceived conflicts of interest as soon possible 
  • Dealing ethically, fairly and honestly 
  • Taking all reasonable measures to prevent disclosure of confidential information 
  • Not engaging in any form of collusion, especially with City employees
  • Not discussing City business or information with the media
  • Reporting any unethical practices in business relationships.

It also includes information on the City’s commitment to ethical dealings with providers, and what they can expect from us, such as:

  • Using public resources effectively and efficiently
  • Dealing with all individuals and organisations in a fair, honest and ethical manner 
  • Avoiding any conflicts of interest (whether real or perceived) 
  • Never seeking gifts or other personal benefits
  • Treating all suppliers impartially and fairly, and giving equal access to information to assist with quotations, tendering or supply
  • Full and clear documentation for an effective audit trail, allowing for fair contract performance review
  • As far as reasonably possible, purchasing energy-efficient equipment, environmentally-friendly products and products containing recycled materials, whilst taking value-for-money into account
  • Not requesting tenders unless the City has a firm commitment to proceed to contract (however, Council reserves the right not to proceed with any tender so advertised) 
  • Not disclosing confidential or proprietary information
  • Reporting misconduct, corruption and fraud.

More information and contact

To report misconduct, corruption and fraud please contact the City's hotline on (08) 9205 8990.