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Attractions and public art map

The City of Stirling’s public art includes exceptional quality, stimulating artworks which form an integral part of each place and community, reflecting their environment and enhancing our City’s thriving neighbourhoods and places.

Public art map

The many public artworks located within the Scarborough precinct celebrate our Aboriginal/Nyoongar culture, storytelling and traditions, along with the unique identity and social heritage of the area.

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Tjunta Trail

Tjunta Trail

Artists: Neville Collard, Richard Walley and Jahne Rees

This heritage trail reflects the dreamtime story of children who went missing and the spirit woman Tjunta who finds them. The story is told in five episodes around the Scarborough foreshore.

Map reference 15 - 19

Whale Playground

Whale Playground

Artist: Jahne Rees

Inspired by stories from Nyoongar culture, a whale will beach itself when it comes to the end of its life so it can return an ancestor’s spirit to the land. Each part of this playground has been created as a unique and creative play element for children.

Map reference 20

Watch Over You

Watch Over You

Artists: Ben Jones and Tony Jones

This piece of public art honours Scarborough’s surf lifesaving history and its continuing importance to the local culture and identity. ‘Watch Over You’ is the form of two bronze surf lifesavers, wearing 1960s beach attire, casting a watchful eye over the ocean.

Map reference 21

Weaving Of Stories

Weaving Of Stories

Artist: Sharyn Egan

These brightly-coloured shade sails represent the colours of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. The artist has designed the panels to be ‘stitched’ together, to show the ‘weaving’ of stories and cultures.

Map reference 22

Mystic Edge

Mystic Edge

Artist: Paul Carter

This sculptural form, which also doubles as informal seating in some sections, represents the edginess of Scarborough’s past, present and future culture. Written in Nyoongar and English, the ‘Mystic Edge’ translates the aspirations of welcome, inclusiveness and peace, into a story of arrival and meeting.

Map reference 23

Ethereal Welcome Hand

Ethereal Welcome Hand

Artist: Kylie Graham

The large-scale hand represents the Nyoongar custom of visitors casting a handful of sand into the water to show respect to an area, introduce themselves, and welcome spirits, ancestors and the Waugal to the water.

Map reference 24

Scarborough Gt

Scarborough GT

Artist: Bevan Honey

This piece of art celebrates and identifies Scarborough Beach as an international destination. It welcomes people to the beach and provides the ideal location for photo opportunities. The design draws from iconic roadside signage and Scarborough’s car culture from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.