The verge is the area of public land located between a street kerb line and the boundary of an adjoining property.

Verges play a significant role in our community by establishing an area for street trees, lawns and gardens which soften the landscape. Verges present an opportunity to establish Waterwise gardens and increase native flora across the City for local wildlife. They also accommodate overhead and underground utilities such as power, water, gas and communications infrastructure.

The City acknowledges the care that residents take in maintaining verges, which improves the overall appearance of the street and their properties. The City's street trees however must not be interfered with under any circumstances.

Verge permit

A verge permit is required for any building or demolition work on the adjacent property regardless of material being stored on the verge.

The permit enables the City to monitor the use of the verge, minimising the damage and disruption to the surrounding area.

Please note that as a result of the current COVID-19 situation the $200 verge inspection fee was waived for a period of 6 months. The permit fee will be reinstated 1 December 2020. 

The verge bond will remain reduced at $500 until 30 June 2021. There is no change to the street tree bond.

Apply for a verge permit

Apply for a verge/street tree bond refund

There are no fees associated with a verge permit. However, there are costs associated with verge inspections before and after any works as well as the payment of a refundable bond. Please note, a street tree bond is also required where there is a street tree on a verge.

Work undertakenTotal inspection feeRefundable verge/tree bond
All demolition, building works, swimming pool installations, front fences, retaining walls$200$1,500
Minor works valued under $20,000$200$1,000
One street tree on verge up to a Helliwell - value of $6,000n/a$1,500
One street tree on verge over a Helliwell - value of $6,000n/a$4,500
More than one street tree on the vergen/aTo be advised

Did you know?

If you live within a heritage protection control area, a formal development approval is required for a verge treatment. Hardstand materials are strictly prohibited in these areas.

Verge modification

Verge modifications

Verge changes and modifications are referred to as verge treatments. The City allows residents to plant or install lawn, plants and/or organic mulch on the verge without prior approval.

Materials which require approval include paving, synthetic turf and in-situ concrete. A verge treatment application form must be submitted and approved before any work using these materials takes place.

All works must comply with the verge treatment policy, the City of Stirling Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2009 and the verge treatment guidelines and specifications.

Verge treatment application form

Grass to natives rebate

Thinking of creating a native, Waterwise verge full of wildlife? Rebates up to $500 are available each year to help you achieve your goal.

What support is available?

$500 rebate and 40 Waterwise native verge plants for irrigated grass verges or hardstand verges 80m2 or above

$250 rebate and 20 Waterwise native verge plants for:

  • irrigated grass verges smaller than 80m2
  • irrigated grass area on private property less than 20m2 
  • non-irrigated verges 80m2 and above
  • hardstand verges less than 80m2

$125 rebate and 20 Waterwise native verge plants for non-irrigated verges smaller than 80m2


Eligible participants include City of Stirling residents who:

  • have not participated and claimed the rebate previously
  • are either landowners or tenants with approval from their property manager
  • live in all property types, including strata properties

Applications are now closed for this year's program as all places have been taken. Applications for next year's program will open in November 2021 - subscribe to the City's Living Green eNewslettter to keep updated.

Useful documents

Document nameDownloadable files
Verge Permit Application Form480.1KB (PDF)
Verge Treatment Policy182.0KB (PDF)
Verge Treatment Application Form531.2KB (PDF)
Verge Treatment Guidelines4.9MB (PDF)