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Pay your rates

This page provides information about the various payment methods you can use to pay your rates, including direct debit, rates smoothing or in full.

Access your rates notice online by logging into your property owner account.

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Payment options

Online via credit card

Use our online payment system to pay directly to the City using your credit card. We accept Mastercard and Visa only. 

Pay online

Direct debit

Important Information 

Ratepayers may elect to pay their rates automatically by direct debit from their nominated bank account. Please note the City of Stirling (the City) is unable to take direct debit payments from a credit card.

Ratepayers can complete an application for payment in full, instalments or rates smoothing, or by providing the City with a valid instruction.

The City of Stirling accepts applications submitted after the date of 25 August 2023. Penalty interest will accrue after 16 September 2023.

Applications submitted after the due date of 25 August 2023 will include any arrears outstanding in the first instalment. The first payment will be taken on the first business day after the application is approved.

The ratepayer authorises for their rates payment, service charges, arrears, and applicable interest to be made by direct debit from their nominated bank account in accordance with the Direct Debit authority.

The ratepayer is able to cancel the direct debit at any point however, any outstanding rates or service charges will need to be paid in full as penalty interest will start to accrue on any overdue amounts.

The City will only arrange for funds to be debited from the ratepayer’s account as authorised on the direct debit or rates smoothing application, or in writing to the City.

Please check the rates payment schedule for the due dates of the payment(s). The schedule can be found in the Rates FAQs.

The City has three (3) different direct debit options:

Rates smoothing

Rates smoothing gives the ratepayer the choice of a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment schedule as shown on the rates notice. The nominated payment is deducted by direct debit from the ratepayer’s chosen bank account.

The City’s rates smoothing arrangement for the 2023/24 financial year is from 25 August 2023 to end of 7 June 2024.

Rates smoothing continues each year until the ratepayer contacts the City in writing to advise that they would like their rates smoothing arrangement cancelled.

Weekly and fortnightly payments are drawn on Fridays, and monthly payments are drawn on the 25th of each month. Should payments fall on a weekend or public holiday, payments will be processed the following business day.

Pay your rates by rates smoothing

Pay in full via direct debit

The ratepayer may elect to pay their rates in full by direct debit, as detailed on their rates notice. The payment will be debited from the nominated bank account on 25 August 2023.

Payment in full by direct debit continues each year until the ratepayer contacts the City in writing to advise that they would like their direct debit arrangement cancelled.

Pay in full by direct debit

Direct debit instalments

The ratepayer may elect to pay their rates in instalments by direct debit, as shown on their rates notice by option 1 or option 2. The first payment will commence on 25 August 2023.

Please note that any arrears (outstanding payments from previous years) will be added to the first direct debit instalment payment. If you have any concerns or queries, please ask to speak to the Rates Team by calling the City’s Contact Centre on (08) 9205 8555, or by emailing ratesdd@stirling.wa.gov.au.

Instalments by direct debt continues each year until the ratepayer contacts the City in writing to advise that they would like their direct debit arrangement cancelled.

Pay by direct debit instalments

To discuss making an alternative direct debit payment arrangement, please contact the City on (08) 9205 8555 or submit an online Customer enquiry and feedback form.


If your financial institution is registered with BPAY, you can make payment directly from your cheque, savings or credit card account.

Biller code: 5231

Payment numbers can be found on the top right corner of your rates notice. The number is 10 digits long and starts with ‘10’.

In person

LocationOperating hoursAccepted payment methods

Main Administration Centre, 25 Cedric Street, Stirling WA 6021

8.30am - 5.00pm

Monday to Friday


Stirling Libraries - Mirrabooka

21 Sudbury Road, Mirrabooka WA 6061

9.00am - 4.30pm

Monday to Friday


Stirling Libraries - Dianella

Waverley Street, Dianella WA 6059

9.00am - 4.30pm   

Monday to Friday


Stirling Libraries - Inglewood

895 Beaufort Street, Inglewood WA 6052  

9.00am - 4.30pm   

Monday to Friday


 Stirling Libraries - Karrinyup

Davenport Street, Karrinyup WA 6018 

9.00am - 4.30pm   

Monday to Friday


Stirling Libraries - Osborne

9 Royal Street, Tuart Hill WA 6060

9.00am - 4.30pm   

Monday to Friday


Stirling Libraries - Scarborough 

173 Gildercliffe Street, Scarborough WA 6019 

9.00am - 4.30pm   

Monday to Friday

  • Please note that the debit card transaction limit is AU$1,000 per transaction and the credit card limit is AU $100,000
  • Credit and debit cards accepted: MasterCard or Visa.


Payments must be made payable to the City of Stirling, PO Box 1533 OSBORNE PARK WA 6916.

Cheques and money orders are accepted.

Australia Post

Payments can be made at any Australia Post branch by cash, cheque or debit card. Please note that credit card payments are not accepted. You can use the barcode on your rates notice to assist in payment.


Ratepayers can call our 24-hour secure payment line on 1300 661 144. Please note that only Visa and Mastercard payments are accepted, with a limit of $100,000.00 per day.


Use Centrepay to make regular deductions from your Centrelink Payment. Centrepay is a voluntary and easy payment option available to Centrelink customers. The City can set up your deductions for you and you can start, change or stop using Centrepay whenever you like.

Centrepay Customer Deduction Authority

For more information or to set up Centrepay, contact our Rates Team on (08) 9205 8555.

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Did you know?

Rates notices are automatically sent to your postal address unless you register to receive your rates notice via email.

Image of house representing an example of the Gross Rental Value

How rates are calculated

Rates are calculated by multiplying a property's gross rental value (GRV) by the rate in the dollar, subject to a minimum payment which is set each year by the City. Minimum payments are set in recognition of the fact that every property receives some level of benefit from works, services and facilities provided by the City.

Gross rental value (GRV) is the fair rental value of your property, as determined by the state government body Landgate. It is an estimate of how much you could expect to receive if you were to rent your property. GRVs are subject to revaluation every three years as they can change following building and demolition works to a property, and subdivisions.

For more information, please visit the Landgate website.