Beach mobility hire

The City of Stirling makes every effort to accommodate your individual needs in order to access our facilities, services, events and information.

Beaches are for everyone!

Beach wheelchair

Beach wheelchair

The City of Stirling has a beach wheelchair available for the public to hire for free at our premier tourist destination, Scarborough Beach.

To book the beach wheelchair please ensure you read the beach wheelchair safety use and instructions (below) before making a booking.

To book the beach wheelchair please ensure you read the Beach Wheelchair safety use and instructions below before making a free booking.

The beach wheelchair is stored in a cabinet on the Scarborough Beach foreshore - lower level. To access the beach wheelchair, a free booking must be made.

The beach wheelchair cabinet is accessed using a Master Locksmith All Access Key (MLAK). As part of your hire of the beach wheelchair, you are welcome to store your existing wheelchair in the lockable cabinet while you use the beach wheelchair. 

People with a disability are able to purchase an MLAK key that will open all doors, toilets, playground equipment and other facilities fitted with a lock that uses the special MLAK cylinder. Visit:

If you do not have your own key, you can access one via Beach Services or the Scarboro Surf Lifesaving club (reception upper level) during business hours.

Where do I go?

The beach wheelchair cabinet can be found at the bottom of the stairs at Scarborough Esplanade. View the map to find out more.

As part of your beach wheelchair booking, you are entitled to access a restricted accessible parking bay. This bay is accessible via the C-Breeze Kiosk carpark, northern end and then drive across the boardwalk into the restricted area. This parking is limited to your booking time only.

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Beach wheelchair - safety use and instructions

Important safety information - freewheeler

All participants and carers are responsible for their own safety and must be aware of the following guidelines:

All universal beach rules must be followed at all times. These include:

  • Swim between the yellow/red flags;
  • Sun safe message, “slip slop slap”;
  • The beach is a public place and therefore all other patron’s rights must be respected.

Out of the water

  • Max safe weight loading for this product is 100kgs
  • Care must be taken when using the wheelchair over uneven or unsteady ground
  • Care should be taken in hot weather as metal frame and armrests can heat up and lead to burns
  • It is recommended to transfer on flat ground, for increased stability
  • Users should not try this product on their own.  It is designed to be pushed by someone other than the person sitting in it
  • The wheelchair may become unstable if the user has a disability which creates excessive movement or rocking motions
  • The front castors rotate 360 degrees and make turning easy to manoeuvre
  • To apply the park break - steady the chair, release the parking break/ anti-tip bar assembly manually from the nylon clip and swing down towards the rear wheels.  Lifting the locking bar upwards releases the park break
  • Front foot rest is adjustable for angle and height using the locking handles that are fitted on either side of the front pivot frame. This is done by turning the locking handles on either side in an anti-clockwise motion and then lock in position by moving handles in clock-wise direction.  The front footrest can be taken of by removing the two spring loaded drop latch pins
  • Arm rests can be raised to a position of 90degrees from the horizontal and this allows for easier transfers
  • The chair is not designed to move up and down stairs whilst loaded.

In the water

  • If entering the water and you are unable to swim you must be accompanied at all times
  • It is advisable to wear a life jacket and follow all surf lifesaving instructions such as entering water in patrolled swimming area
  • FreeWheeler is stable with water levels at around the centre height of the wheels
  • The FreeWheeler has balloon tyres which tend to be buoyant depending on the weight being carried
  • By taking the chair into deeper water, it must be noted that the chair will float and become unstable and require considerable effort in controlling its stability
  • The wheelchair may become unstable if the user has a disability which creates excessive movement or rocking motions
  • Caution needs to be taken in environments where there is chance of wave action, as unexpected movement of the chair is a risk factor for users
  • Wave patterns, wind strength, type of beach and underwater formations can all affect the use of the chair.

Be safe and enjoy the beach!

Accessible parking bays

There are multiple accessible parking bays along the Scarborough Precinct.

Please visit Scarborough parking.

Changing places facilities

The City has two Changing Places facilities, based in Scarborough: one at the Surf Life Saving Club and the other at the Scarborough Pool. Changing Places facilities enable people to participate by providing adjustable adult-sized change tables, a ceiling hoist system, centrally located toilet, circulation space for wheelchairs, automatic doors and a privacy screen. Facilities can be accessed using a Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK). Additional locations and further information are available on the Changing Places website.