Traffic counts

The counters provide the City with data on vehicle speed and volume and are installed as part of either the City’s ongoing traffic monitoring program, assessing developments or road changes or in response to resident concerns of speed and/or volumes along a road.



How often are traffic counters used?

The City’s traffic monitoring program attempts to survey each one of the permanent surveying sites at least once every three to five years.

How long will the traffic counters be in place?

Counters are installed for a period of eight days to capture seven full days of data.

Occasionally the surveying equipment fails to record the information correctly and a site is required to be surveyed again for a further eight days.

The traffic counters are noisy, can they be moved to another location on the road?

The City appreciates that the surveying equipment can inconvenience residents however traffic counters cannot be moved further along the street. Locations are chosen to provide comparative data from previous counts and are required to be securely fixed in place.

Can the traffic counter tubes be moved to have my lawn mowed?

Residents or mowing contractors can carefully lift the tubes to mow under a section of lawn without affecting the data or equipment.

The traffic counter tubes are damaged and are loose on the road, who do I report this to?

Damaged equipment or tubes that have come loose can be reported to the City on (08) 9205 8555.

I believe that my vehicle has been damaged by the traffic counter equipment, who do I report this to?

An insurance claim will be required to be lodged with the City’s contractor and contact details can be obtained from the City by calling (08) 9205 8555.