Contributions to travel

The Contributions to Travel Register provides details of contributions to travel received by an elected member or a designated employee (an employee with delegated authority) from an external provider.

The rules are summarised as follows:

  • A contribution to travel valued less than $200 may be accepted and need not be disclosed (providing the contribution is not one of 2 or more contributions made by the same person within a 12-month period whereby the total value exceeds $200).
  • A contribution to travel valued $200 or more, or a contribution to travel that is one of 2 or more contributions made by the same person within a 12-month period that are in total valued $200 or more may be accepted; however, must be disclosed and recorded on the City's Contributions to Travel Register.

The following are exempt from the requirement to disclose:

  • Contributions made from commonwealth, state or local government funds
  • Contributions made by a relative
  • Contributions made in the ordinary course of an occupation which is not related to their duties as an elected member or designated employee
  • Contributions made by a political party that the elected member or designated employee is a member of, and the travel was for the purpose of political activity or to enable the person to represent the party.

The Contributions to Travel Register is published in the interest of accountability and transparency.

Name/positionDescriptionContributorDate rec'dValue - estRelationshipTravel
Mayor Giovanni Italiano JPEconomy airfares and one night accommodationAkolade - Level 11, 155 Castlereagh Street, Sydney18 Jul 2016$1000.00Professional

Return travel, Perth to Sydney to present at the 3rd National Community Safety Forum 28-30 September 2016

Ben RosePayment of flights and accommodation for a conferenceAlcohol and Drug Foundation22 June 2019


Funding BodyReturn travel, Perth to Melbourne to present at Prevention in Practice Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) 24 - 25 June 2019