Track an application

The City's online services allows easy tracking of Development Applications, Building Permits and Copy-of-Plan requests.

Please note the application tracker does not provide an exhaustive or fully accurate summary of the current application status, the tracker is a guide only and provides a general guide on the application status.

Track an application

Stages of the application

Development applications

  • Administration processing The City’s Planning Admin Team is currently reviewing the application
  • Further information requested- admin The City’s Planning Admin Team has requested additional information from the applicant to allow the application to be lodged
  • Administration check completed The City’s Planning Admin Team has finished reviewing the application and no further information is required, however there may be an outstanding fee to be paid. An invoice would have been sent to the nominated email address
  • Application allocated to a planning officer The application has been allocated to a Planning Officer and is pending for the assessment to commence
  • Assessment in progress The City is currently in the process of undertaking a full assessment of the application
  • Consultation in progress The City is undertaking public consolation of the application in accordance with the relevant planning legislation. This process generally takes between 14 and 28 days depending on the complexity of the application
  • Further information requested- planning The City’s Planning Officer has requested additional information from the applicant to allow the application to proceed. Once the applicant agrees to provide the information, this will effectively ‘stop-the-clock’ until all the necessary information has been provided to the City, then the clock will resume.
  • Under assessment The application is in the final stages of assessment and in the progress of being finalised.

Building permits

  • Assessment in progress The application is currently under assessment by one of the City’s Building Surveyors
  • Request for payment emailed An email with an invoice for the application fees has been sent to the applicant
  • Waiting for information The City’s Building Team has issued a request for further information to the applicant. The clock has been paused and will remain paused until all the necessary information has been provided.

Application tracker terms and conditions

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