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Native and marine wildlife

We’re lucky enough to share our City with a wide variety of native animals. Wildlife in the City’s parks, reserves and beaches is highly diverse and includes numerous birds, reptiles, frogs, marine life and marsupial species.

The City predominantly deals with issues relating to domestic animals. However, for more information and advice on issues relating to our native and marine wildlife, please visit the Wildcare website.

Did you know?

Feeding our native animals is prohibited as it can damage their health and severely impact on their quality of life. This includes feeding bread to ducks in our parks and reserves.


If you encounter a snake in its natural habitat, such as coastal bushland or wetlands, where it is unlikely to cause harm to a person, back away to a safe distance and allow the snake to move away. You can phone our Customer Contact Centre to alert us of the sighting.

If you encounter a snake in a public place, in your garden or on your property, where it is likely the snake will cause harm to a person, do not approach it or attempt to remove it yourself and keep your pets away. Please phone our Customer Contact Centre to obtain contact details for the City's snake removalists.

Keep your pets on a leash

To ensure your pet’s safety from snakes, we recommend that owners keep pets on a leash when walking in coastal bushland or wetlands.