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The local community describes Gwelup as a family friendly, vibrant and fun neighbourhood. To better understand what is means to be ‘a local’ our suburb profile seeks to understand the local stories Koora (past), Yeyi (present), Boordawan (future) and respond to Ngalang Maya (our place). This snapshot identifies the unique character of Gwelup’s neighbourhood and helps the City rethink how we deliver services with a local focus. 

The name Gwelup comes from an Aboriginal word meaning "to shift position", referring to the lake. It was used mainly for market gardens until the 1970s, when it was transformed into a residential suburb. 

What it means to be a 'local'

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Local issues

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Local focus

The City has created Locally-led Stirling to drive deeper connection at a local suburb level to listen and respond with a local focus.  At the heart of this Locally-led approach is an understanding that local people know what they need and a vision for everyone to get involved in shaping what it means to be “a local”.

We want to bring neighbours together, invest in local stories and inspire opportunities to work together. To find out more about Locally-led Stirling, visit Shaping our City

If you are looking for ways to get involved in your local area, please contact one of the City’s Local Engagement Officers by emailing

Local plans

Residential development

From the 1970s, Gwelup transformed from a rural area to a modern residential suburb and only a few market gardens along North Beach Road remain as a reminder of earlier times.

The type and style of residential dwellings within Gwelup varies considerably, ranging from early market garden cottages to recently designed two-storey developments. New subdivisions, including Karrinyup Waters and Settlers Green, contain modern, architecturally-designed homes while along North Beach Road there are remnants of older, rural-style housing, which is gradually being renovated or replaced by new developments.

Public open space and community infrastructure

Gwelup has 35ha of public open space, which includes seven local open spaces, two community open spaces and one regional open space. These significant public open space areas are scattered throughout the residential area, offering meeting places and recreational opportunities for the local and wider community.

Lake Gwelup preserves a significant part of the natural environment and its position was first recorded by the Land Department in 1878 where, on early surveys, it was marked as a swamp. The lake allows for passive recreation and there are also tennis courts and cycle paths located on the Lake Gwelup Reserve.

The Gwelup Neighbourhood Shopping Centre provides for daily shopping needs and local students are catered for at Lake Gwelup Primary School.

External projects

Council investment

Financial year 2023 - 2024

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