Food safety and inspections

In accordance with current legislation, the City of Stirling’s environmental health officers conduct regular, unannounced inspections of food businesses within the community.

Food-related complaint

If you have a food-related complaint and you wish to report a concern, please complete an Environmental Health Food Service Request form. 

Concerns that the City look into include:

  • Lack of cleanliness, or poor food-handler hygiene practices
  • Contamination of food (Note: please retain the remaining food without removing the contaminant)
  • Suspected food poisoning (Note: report the incident as soon as possible and retain any remaining food by wrapping it in clean plastic and storing it in the fridge).

Please note, the City of Stirling handles all food-handling complaints confidentially.

Please note that food samples submitted to the City form part of a Public Health investigation, which is not in any way related to claims for compensation. Any such claim should be pursued directly with the associated business through civil (private) proceedings. If you return a food product to the point of purchase or manufacturer, the City may be unable to investigate.

Should your complaint involve food poisoning type symptoms, you are strongly advised to visit a doctor (GP) for medical examination, treatment and verification of specific illness. Food poisoning can only be confirmed by laboratory examination of a stool sample. Your doctor can provide a submission form.

Environmental Health receives a large number of requests in relation to various matters. These are dealt with in order of receipt or in some instances by priority as determined by the City.

Anonymous requests or those with insufficient information will only be investigated in exceptional or emergency circumstances. Service requests deemed vexatious will not be pursued.

Food safety request

Useful resources

If your queries relates to an environmental health service issue, please complete a Health hazard request instead.