COVID-19 - Have you moved to takeaway/home delivery?

06 April 2020

We understand this is a difficult time for all food businesses that are now restricted to takeaway and/or home deliveries due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are working hard to support our food businesses at this time to provide clear guidance and information and will endeavour to keep you updated as the situation changes.

If you have closed your food business temporarily or moved to takeaway and/or home deliveries, please contact the City's Environmental Health team via email on to advise of changes to your operation. Thank you to those food businesses who have already been in contact with our office.

A temporary change of operations from restaurant to takeaway will not require development approval from the City.

Some extra measures food businesses should take to comply with new restrictions are below:  


  • Use spacing measures (e.g. floor markers) at tills or queues

  • Limit the number of people who can come into your food business / supermarket / market stall etc. at any one time especially if space is limited at the entrance of your shop

  • Touch points e.g. EFPOS keypads, door handles etc. should be cleaned more frequently

  • Avoid handling money and encourage the use of contactless payments - if food workers must handle money, it is important to wash hands with water and soap afterwards or use hand sanitiser after accepting cash and before handling food

  • Some food businesses have ceased using ‘keep’ cups/containers as a precautionary measure and are using disposable drinking containers

  • Hand sanitisers should be provided by businesses where possible

  • Avoid leaving chairs in the waiting area as these will need to be cleaned and sanitised regularly

  • Remove tables and chairs from the dining area or tape the area off and erect signage.

Home deliveries

  • Take food to the door and remove from hot bag/esky so there is no contact

  • Keep delivery vehicles clean

  • Keep hot bags, eskies, and ice bricks clean and sanitised

  • Ensure food is delivered promptly and within correct temperatures to ensure food safety.

Free Food Safety Training

We would encourage you to have all food handlers at your premises complete a free online food safety training course and display certificates for your patrons to see as a demonstration of your commitment to ongoing food safety and handler hygiene.

To complete the course, click visit the I'm alert website to begin.

COVID-19 Infection Control Training

The Department of Health has released a 30-minute online training module covering the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19.

If you would like to complete the module, visit the Department of Health's page.

Cleaning and sanitising - what is the difference?

Cleaning is the process of using detergent and water to remove general dirt, grease and food waste from all surfaces, fixtures, utensils and equipment.

Sanitising is the process of killing food poisoning bacteria and is achieved by using heat and/or chemicals.

It is not an option to use a detergent or a sanitiser - both must be used.

For more information on cleaning and sanitising, click here.

Need more information about COVID-19?

For the most up-to-date advice please visit:

For posters you can print and place in your food business, please click here. The posters are also available in various languages

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