Active and Healthy Communities

Healthy and active people create strong and resilient communities. The City is dedicated to ensuring that our community, through all stages of life, has access to a range of opportunities to support an active lifestyle.


The Active and Healthy Communities grant stream aims to support the achievement of the objectives in Sustainable Stirling 2022-2032, specifically to:

  • Facilitate a range of recreation and leisure opportunities for everyone in the City
  • Facilitate and advocate for the provision of a range of quality health services.

The Active and Healthy Communities grant stream seeks proposals for projects, programs or activities that will:

  • Provide physical activity initiatives or opportunities
  • Improve the sustainability of sport and recreation clubs
  • Engage a broad spectrum of the community
  • Provide access for all abilities
  • Provide benefit to multiple user groups
  • Respond to health and wellbeing issues facing the Stirling community
  • Increase participation in sport and recreational pursuits
  • Promote mental health and wellbeing.


Eligible applicantsIneligible applicants
A not-for-profit organisationCurrent employees or elected members of the City of Stirling
An incorporated associationFederal, State and local government agencies and bodies
An individual or unincorporated group (eligible for quick response grants only)Political parties
A registered school or training organisation 
Have not received other funding from the City for the same activity this financial year 
Have fulfilled the conditions of a previous City of Stirling grant by the due date and no overdue debts with the City 
Hold appropriate qualifications, certificates and professional experience including first aid and CPR certificates where required 
Have adequate public liability insurance 
Located within the City of Stirling or provide outcomes that are delivered in the City of Stirling local government area 

Quick response grants

Quick response grants are for small amounts up to $2,000 and will be quickly approved.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that the proposed activity/event/project benefits the City of Stirling community.

Quick response grants may include but are not limited to:

  • Expenses associated with becoming incorporated – Up to $1,000
  • Public Liability Insurance – Up to $500
  • Travel assistance for students under 18 years of age who have been selected to represent their chosen sport at state or national level - $250
  • Annual Inter-Club sporting events – Up to $1,000
  • Youth Participation in significant sporting events – Up to $1,000
  • Junior sports equipment – Up to $1,000
  • Recording of club history – Up to $2,000

For grants over $2,000, please refer to the information below.

What will we fund?

This list is not exhaustive, and we recommend discussing your project with a grants officer prior to submitting an application.

  • Mental health events and programs
  • Assistance with travel costs for individuals selected to represent their chosen sport at state or national level 
  • Team and club equipment
  • Funding to enhance the functionality of public recreation spaces for a wider range of uses
  • Healthy eating and wellness programs that develop healthy lifestyle habits
  • Innovative community recreation and physical activity programs
  • Activities that are at no or a low cost to the community
  • Other activities which address the objective or scope of the funding stream.

What won't we fund?

This list is not exhaustive, and we recommend discussing your project with a grants officer prior to submitting an application.

  • Special events that show or in the past have shown significant profit
  • Requests for venue hire only, however, venue hire as part of an overall project will be considered.
  • Projects that are part of the organisation’s annual or regular program activities. For example, end of year performance
  • Programs which have already commenced, unless the proposed activity substantially increases the impact of the existing program
  • Activities or programs that are already delivered by the City of Stirling or are our core business
  • Donations or fundraising activities that support the recurrent operations of the applicant
  • The purchase of equipment that is not specific to the delivery of the activity and would otherwise support the operations of the applicant
  • Events over 100 people, if you wish to hold an event for over 100 people please apply under the ‘Vibrant communities’ category
  • Faith-based activities of religious organisations, this includes worship activities of a religious entity or group such as preaching, delivery of sermons, prayer services and rituals
  • Capital Works - refer to the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF) - CSRFF funding is for capital works projects in partnership with the State Government and/or the City for approved projects
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