Parking permits

Permit parking areas aim to encourage the community to use more sustainable modes of transport to minimise congestion within our residential streets, which is often caused by motorists who may be using nearby commercial or public transport hubs.

Parking permit areas

The following streets are permit parking areas within the City of Stirling:​​


  • Pollard Street
  • Rawlins Street.


  • Dongara Street (north of Kimber Street only)
  • Hertha Road
  • Kimber Street
  • Oswald Street (between Twyford Place and Kimber Street only)
  • Staveley Place
  • Twyford Place
  • Windell Street.

Mount Lawley

  • Field Street (western between Memorial Lane and Walcott Street only)
  • Almondbury Road
  • Clive Road
  • Clotilde Street (between Walcott Street and Almondbury Road only)
  • Farnley Street (between Walcott Street and First Avenue only)
  • Park Road (between Railway Parade and Alvan Street only)
  • Alvan Street.


  • Casals Vista
  • Civic Place (between Ravel Lane and Casals Vista)
  • Hugo Street (east side only)
  • Leclair Terrace
  • Osborne Place (between Paganini Lane and Vivaldi Avenue only)
  • ​Vivaldi Avenue.

Applying for a permit

If you live in a street that is listed as a City of Stirling parking permit area (see above), please read our Parking Permit guide which outlines the conditions of ussue and use for Permits.

Please then complete the Parking Permit Application along with all relevant documentation and submit: 

Residents who are eligible for a parking permit may park contrary to the sign-posted time restriction of 2 hours or greater, within the streets identified on the reverse of their permit. However, the display of a valid permit in a vehicle does not remove the requirement to comply with all other parking legislation, prohibitions and signage restrictions.

Did you know?

Permits do not allow motorists to park illegally. For example, contrary to signage, over footways or on other residents' verges without consent.

Useful documents

Document nameDownloadable files
Parking Permit Application69.6KB (PDF)
Parking Permit Guide81.3KB (PDF)