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Parking permits

Permit parking areas aim to encourage the community to use more sustainable modes of transport to minimise congestion within our residential streets, which is often caused by motorists who may be using nearby commercial or public transport hubs.

Parking permit areas

The following streets are permit parking areas within the City of Stirling:​​


  • Pollard Street
  • Rawlins Street.


  • Dongara Street (north of Kimber Street only)
  • Hertha Road
  • Kimber Street
  • Oswald Street (between Twyford Place and Kimber Street only)
  • Staveley Place
  • Twyford Place
  • Windell Street.

Mount Lawley

  • Field Street (western between Memorial Lane and Walcott Street only)
  • Almondbury Road
  • Clive Road
  • Clotilde Street (between Walcott Street and Almondbury Road only)
  • Farnley Street (between Walcott Street and First Avenue only)
  • Park Road (between Railway Parade and Alvan Street only)
  • Alvan Street.


  • Casals Vista
  • Civic Place (between Ravel Lane and Casals Vista)
  • Hugo Street (east side only)
  • Leclair Terrace
  • Osborne Place (between Paganini Lane and Vivaldi Avenue only)
  • ​Vivaldi Avenue.

Applying for a permit

If you live in a street that is listed as a City of Stirling parking permit area (see above), please read our Parking Permit guide which outlines the conditions of issue and use for Permits.

Please then complete the Parking Permit Application along with all relevant documentation and submit: 

  • Post Parking Services, City of Stirling, 25 Cedric Street, Stirling WA 6021.

Vehicles that display a valid parking permit may park for periods longer than indicated on parking control signage marked with ‘Permits Excepted’, within the streets identified on the reverse of the permit. However, the display of a valid permit in a vehicle does not remove the requirement to comply with all other parking legislation, prohibitions and signage restrictions.

Parking permit application form

Parking permit guide

The following conditions of issue and use apply to all Parking Permits issued by the City of Stirling.

How will a parking permit benefit me?

Recognising the impacts that high demand parking areas have on residents, the City of Stirling has introduced a Parking Permit Policy. The Policy is aimed at helping to address existing and potential parking problems in and around areas where the availability of public parking is significantly affected by activities associated with nearby business and or public transport hubs.

Parking Permits will enable residents or their visitors to park within specified streets for periods longer than indicated on parking control signage marked with Permits Excepted. Parking Permits will only be available to eligible residents within identified areas.

Eligibility criteria

You may be eligible for a Residential and/or Transitional Parking Permit if:

  • You are a resident of the City of Stirling
  • You reside in an area determined by the City to be a permit parking area
  • The vehicle for which you intend to use the permit is not a commercial vehicle (with a tare weight greater than 2,500 kilograms), a trailer, truck, caravan, bus, bicycle or tractor
  • You have fewer than two parking spaces on the premises you occupy
  • You have more vehicles than parking spaces.

Number of permits

The following table outlines the number of Resident and/or Transitional Parking Permits available to eligible residents.

On-site parking spaces

Owner properties (maximum entitlement)

Non-owner properties (maximum entitlement)


2 Resident

1 Transitional

3 Transitional

1 Resident

1 Transitional

2 Transitional

0 Resident

1 Transitional

1 Transitional
3 or more00

An on-site parking space includes areas constructed for the purposes of parking a vehicle including all driveways, carports and garages located within the private property.

Conditions of issue and use

  1. A Parking Permit must be displayed so that it is clearly visible from the front of the vehicle.
  2. The clear display of a valid Parking Permit in a vehicle provides an exemption from complying with parking time restrictions identified on signage marked with ‘permits excepted’ that apply within streets, as specified on the permit.
  3. Subject to point two above, the display of a valid Parking Permit in a vehicle does not revoke the requirement to comply with all other parking legislation, prohibitions, and signage restrictions. Permits do not enable motorists to park illegally, for example contrary to signage, over footways or on other residents’ verges without consent. Penalties may apply.
  4. Parking Permits are not valid for use in areas other than those specified on the permit, nor can they be used in Ticket Parking areas where parking fees are payable.
  5. When a Parking Permit holder no longer resides at the property for which the permit(s) were issued, those permits become invalid.
  6. A Resident Parking Permit is only valid until the date of expiry. Resident Parking Permits expire on 31 December of the year of issue.
  7. The use of an invalid permit will be subject to enforcement under the City’s Parking Local Law and infringements may be issued.
  8. Parking Permits will not be issued for and are not to be used on a vehicle which is classified as any of the following: a commercial vehicle(with a tare weight greater than 2,500 kilograms), a caravan, a bus, a truck, bicycle, a tractor or a trailer.
  9. Parking Permits can only be used by residents or persons visiting the property to which the permit was issued.
  10.  The number and type of Parking Permits issued by the City will be reviewed periodically in response to changes that may occur in an area or in order to better manage parking. The review may result in changes to eligibility, the number of permits issued, conditions of use and any applicable costs.
  11.  Transitional Parking Permits may be issued for a period of up to 12 months and will only be renewed upon application.
  12.  The City will reissue Resident Parking Permits annually to existing permit holders prior to the permit’s expiry date (excludes Transitional Parking Permits).
  13.  A $30 fee may apply to replacement permits if they are lost, stolen or misplaced.
  14.  Permits do not guarantee parking space availability.
  15.  Failure to comply with the Conditions of Issue and Use may result in the cancellation of the Parking Permit(s) and the issuing of an infringement notice carrying a penalty.
  16.  The personal information requested on this form is being collected for the purpose of updating our database and will be used solely by the City of Stirling to provide services to you.

Did you know?

Permits do not allow motorists to park illegally. For example, contrary to signage, over footways or on other residents' verges without consent.

Useful documents

Document nameDownloadable files
Parking Permit Guide81.3KB (PDF)