Street maintenance and drainage

The City of Stirling works hard to keep our streets well-maintained and clean. Clean streets promote a sense of community and safety.

The City manages the upkeep of:

  • Footpaths and kerbs
  • Paved areas
  • Road surfaces and islands
  • Street lights
  • Furniture such as benches
  • Bollards
  • Bus stops and shelters
  • Public signs.

Help keep our streets clean

You can help us keep your neighbourhood clean and safe by reporting illegal dumping, syringes and abandoned shopping trolleys.

Service delivery delays

We are experiencing some delays in service delivery due to COVID-19 and an impact on our staffing. We’re aiming to minimise disruption to our customers and to maintain delivering essential services. We are prioritising services that ensure the health and safety of our community.

The following requests may take up to four weeks to be resolved. You can continue to lodge these services, however please take into account the delay in delivery.

  • Litter/dumped rubbish on private property
  • Dust complaints
  • Noise complaints
  • Animal complaints - cat, rats, chickens, pigeons and bees
  • Odour complaints
  • Light spills (that do not cause harm to the public).

Report syringes or needles

To report syringes or needles in a public place, please phone our Customer Contact Centre. 

Bin your litter

Litter is unsightly and can also cause injury to people and wildlife. The build-up of litter reduces the appeal of a place and can encourage further littering. Rangers are responsible for enforcing the Litter Act 1979 as amended in the City of Stirling.

Cigarette butt litter

Cigarette butts have become a significant littering issue, particularly as people are asked to smoke outside. On average the Keep Australia Beautiful Council (WA) issues 90 fines a week for cigarette butt littering via its litter reporter scheme. This accounts for nearly 95 per cent of all fines issued by Council.

Reporting litter

Litter reporters can report someone who throws or dumps litter from a car. Key details of the offence and offender are noted and passed on to the Keep Australia Beautiful Council. They will issue a fine on completion of a full report.

To register as a litter reporter, phone the Keep Australia Beautiful Council on (08) 6467 5129.

Littering from vehicles

The disposal of litter including cigarette butts from vehicles is illegal and considered littering. Where neither the litterer nor the driver of the vehicle can be identified, the person responsible for the vehicle (the registered owner) will be deemed to have committed the offence and will be responsible for the fine unless they identify the offender. 

For more information on state government initiatives to reduce litter, please visit the Zero Waste WA website.

Top tip

Chewing gum dropped on the ground sticks to our footpaths and streets. It doesn’t degrade over time, is difficult and costly to remove and it makes our streets look unsightly. Please consider the cleanliness of our community by disposing of your chewing gum using the street bins provided.

Report abandoned shopping trolleys

  • For trolleys belonging to Woolworths, Big W and Dan Murphy’s phone Trolley Tracker on 1800 641 497 or you can report it on the Trolley Tracker website. 
  • For trolleys belonging to Coles, Kmart and Target please submit a report via the Coles website.
  • For trolleys belonging to Bunnings please phone 1300 554 777.
  • For trolleys belonging to Aldi please phone 13 25 34.

All other trolleys can be reported directly to the respective supermarket.

Bill posting

Bill posting refers to advertising material being displayed on any buildings, fence, furniture, pillar, tree or other structure without the permission of the owner. It also includes the leaving or posting of advertising material in any unoccupied vehicle in a public place. It is illegal to post bills or to instruct and encourage others to post bills. Offenders can face on-the-spot fines or prosecution in court.

Report littering or illegal dumping
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Clean Streets

Clean Streets Project

The Clean Streets Project is an ongoing City of Stirling initiative to maintain our major shopping and tourism precincts such as Karrinyup, Mirrabooka, Mount Lawley and Scarborough.

To request street cleaning in your street or in any of our major shopping and tourism precincts, please phone our Customer Contact Centre.


The City of Stirling’s stormwater drainage network consists of 720 km of pipes, approximately 29,000 manholes and collector pits, and 180 drainage sumps and other drainage outlets.

The main drain networks and sewerage infrastructure in the City is the responsibility of the Water Corporation.

The City carries out the following drainage maintenance works each year:

  • Pipe educting - This is a process of vacuuming out silt and rubbish build up and generally occurs in April and September each year in approximately 800 locations. In high blockage areas such as new development areas, educing also occurs prior to winter and as required.
  • Root cutting - This is a process where cameras are inserted into pipelines to assess root intrusion. High pressure water jets and root cutting equipment are then used to remove identified root growth.
  • Drainage infrastructure inspections - Drainage infrastructure is regularly inspected and any defects are passed on to our maintenance teams to repair.
  • Drainage projects - The City has embarked on a program to draw plans and record all pipe and manhole information. This ambitious project will allow data analysis to be done by computer in order to determine areas in need of future upgrading works.