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Wembley Downs

Find out about the suburb of Wembley Down including historical information, residential growth and community development.


The name 'Wembley Downs' is actually derived from the name of the local golf course and the name was used by residents before being officially approved in 1959. The golf course was named after the suburb of Wembley, which is several kilometres east of Wembley Downs. The name 'Wembley' originated from a town in England.

Part of the land that now makes up Wembley Downs was originally granted to Henry Trigg and Mary Ann Hokin in 1842. David Boyd then acquired a tract of land in Wembley Downs covering 642 acres in about 1906. After the death of Boyd in 1926, his executors sold the land to the City Beach Land Company of Perth.

In 1927 Wembley Downs was subdivided into approximately 90 lots. Development was slow, due partly to the thick virgin bush and limestone outcrops, which made building difficult. In 1947 the Perth Road Board had to resume 600 blocks for unpaid rates, and these were sold at very cheap prices. However, growth accelerated in the 1950s and by the 1970s the area was almost completely developed.

The section of Wembley Downs incorporating the Wembley Golf Complex is officially located outside the City of Stirling.

Residential development

Residential dwellings within Wembley Downs are mainly single houses on large individual lots. However, a substantial number of duplexes have been established in recent years as a result of the growing popularity of infill development.

All types of residential dwellings in Wembley Downs are usually built of brick, though the design of houses varies considerably. Many buildings from the 1960s are of the International style and there are also examples of houses of almost every design genre from the 1950s to the present.

The playground at Empire Reserve in Wembley

Community development

The primary commercial and retail centre in Wembley Downs is 'The Downs', which is located in the north of the suburb on Weaponess Road.

Wembley Downs Primary School, Newman College Doubleview Campus and Hale School serve the local community's education needs. Hale School is located on Hale Road in the north east of Wembley Downs and provides the local and wider community with a private education facility for boys and is a local landmark.

The suburb is well provided with public open space. The most notable reserve is the Wembley Golf Complex, which is managed by the Town of Cambridge. Luketina Reserve and the Empire Avenue Reserve provide facilities for a range of recreational pursuits including tennis and football.