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The local community describes Scarborough as a vibrant, coastal and relaxed neighbourhood. To better understand what is means to be ‘a local’ our suburb profile seeks to understand the local stories Koora (past), Yeyi (present), Boordawan (future) and respond to Ngalang Maya (our place). This snapshot identifies the unique character of Scarborough’s neighbourhood and helps the City rethink how we deliver services with a local focus. 

Named after the English beach resort, Scarborough was once dominated by holiday homes and single detached houses.

What it means to be a 'local'

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Local issues

Local focus

The City has created Locally-led Stirling with a vision for everyone to shape what it means to be “a local”.  At the heart of this Locally-led approach is an understanding that local people know what they need and what works locally. 

We want to bring neighbours together to forge deeper local connections, invest in local stories and inspire opportunities to work together. To find out more about Locally-led Stirling, visit Shaping our City

If you are looking for ways to get involved in your neighbourhood, please contact one of the City’s Local Engagement Officers by emailing

Local plans

Residential development

Scarborough was once dominated by holiday homes and single detached houses built in the post-war era and occupied by workers. Though many detached residences remain, in recent years a vast transformation has occurred along the coastal strip.

Numerous units and flat developments have appeared, some of which are multi- storey and echo the style of the Observation City development. Housing designs range from the timber-framed workers' houses to 1960s flats through to modern home units. Lot sizes average 800 m² in Scarborough, though lots north of Scarborough Beach Road are smaller.

Public open space and community infrastructure

The Scarborough Beach precinct contains, as well as Rendezvous Hotel Perth, a variety of shops including a supermarket and weekend markets. Other local shopping complexes and stores scattered throughout the suburb provide for daily needs. The suburb is also home to the newly built Scarborough Beach Pool facility, which is the first of its kind in WA. It is also home to the Stirling Leisure Centres - Scarborough that houses a gym and sports facilities. 

In addition to the popular ocean foreshore, Scarborough contains 22ha of public open space, made up of nine local open spaces, three community open spaces and two district open spaces. Abbett Park offers a variety of sporting facilities, including football, squash, lawn bowls, tennis and cricket.

Scarborough Beach also hosts a surf lifesaving club and other recreation facilities. The suburb has two primary schools, and a library and community recreation centre are located near the eastern boundary of Scarborough.

For more information, including parking and transport advice and tourist spots, visit the Explore Scarborough page.

External projects

Council investment

Financial year 2023 - 2024

  • Scarborough Library Returns Chute
  • Brighton Beach Car Park Landscaping
  • Clock Tower Lighting Upgrade


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