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    • Lake Gwelup public toilet rotunda will be closed due to upgrades from 24 May - 30 August 2019.

      Until further notice
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Petitions inform the City of Stirling's Council, in a public way, of the views of sections of the community. Members of the community can submit petitions online using our ePetition facility. Please note that the City also accepts offline petitions.

Any elector or group of electors may petition the Council to take some form of action over a particular issue. For example, petitions may ask the Council to change an existing Local Law, policy or decision, or to take action for a certain purpose or benefit of particular persons.

The City of Stirling's Meeting Procedures Local Law sets out a number of requirements governing the format and presentation of petitions. These are designed to ensure the authenticity of petitions, and protect the petitioners and the Council.