Customer Service Charter

Customer Service Charter

The City of Stirling is committed, through our corporate values, to support and enhance a community that our residents, businesses and visitors can be proud to be part of.

Our Values

  • Agile

  • Approachable

  • Inclusive

  • Innovative

  • Inspiring

  • Respectful

  • Transparent

Our commitment to you

To be a dynamic organisation that delivers effective services, maintains a strong customer focus and supports our diverse community.

During all interactions, we will:

  • Be professional and respectful
  • Be helpful, courteous and inclusive
  • Be consistent, efficient and responsive
  • Be open, honest and accountable
  • Listen to and understand the importance of your enquiry
  • Communicate effectively and keep you informed of progress
  • Provide accurate, meaningful information and advice
  • Identify ourselves verbally or by wearing a name badge.

We are also committed to:

  • Ensuring information, resources and services are accessible and inclusive
  • Using customer feedback and data to improve our services
  • Respecting and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information
  • Ensuring our employees work together effectively to resolve your enquiry, avoiding referrals to other departments within the City
  • Engaging our community and seeking feedback on projects, plans and proposals that affect them
  • Providing explanations for our decisions and how community feedback influenced the decision.

How you can help

We appreciate your assistance by asking that you:

  • Treat our employees with courtesy and respect
  • Provide accurate information to enable us to assist you
  • Allow us to ask questions where necessary
  • Respect the rights of other customers
  • Understand that some requests are outside of the City’s responsibilities
  • Inform us of any changes to your contact details or residential address.

Our contact standards

By phone

Our Customer Contact Centre will aim to resolve enquiries immediately. If this isn’t possible, you will be transferred to the relevant officer who will assist you. If the officer is unavailable at the time of your call, you will receive a return call by 5.00pm the next business day.

Please note, direct phone numbers and email addresses of City officers are not available via the Customer Contact Centre.

In person

We aim to resolve face-to-face enquiries at the initial point of contact. When this is not possible, we will phone or write to you with a response within seven business days.


Please submit enquiries and feedback via the Customer Enquiry Form on our website.

Written and online enquiries

Letters, online enquiries and complaints will be responded to within seven business days. When it’s not possible to resolve your enquiry or complaint within seven business days, we will keep you informed of progress and advise when you can expect to receive a full response.

Please note, these standards do not apply to unsolicited mail, sales or promotional material.

Providing feedback

Your feedback is important to us and assists with the continuous improvement of our services. We are committed to ensuring complaints are handled efficiently, fairly and confidentially. To ensure we have as much detail as possible to assist in handling your complaint, please submit feedback via the enquiry form on our website, or in writing. Alternatively, we can capture feedback on your behalf on the phone or in person.

Dispute resolution for businesses

  • The City of Stirling is committed to providing an open, transparent and easily accessible dispute resolution process for its business customers
  • Disputes will be managed in a fair, objective, unbiased and timely manner. Business customers will be kept informed of progress, including any delays
  • City employees responsible for dispute management will be empowered to make decisions in order to manage and resolve disputes promptly and effectively
  • A business in dispute with the City will be informed if discretion exists in a policy or planning scheme provision, or if legislative processes govern the decision. A clear explanation of any policies relating to the dispute will be provided by the City to the business
  • Businesses have the right to request mediation if a resolution is not achieved. Referral by the City to the Small Business Development Corporation Alternative Dispute Resolution Service or another agreed mediation service provider may be requested.

For more information, please refer to business support to learn how the City can assist businesses by supporting free and low-cost services.

More information and contact

For more information, please phone our Customer Contact Centre.