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Club development

The City of Stirling’s club development team provide clubs and community organisations with ongoing support to ensure current and incoming members have the tools to develop efficient, self-managed and sustainable clubs.

We strive to:

  • Improve self-management of clubs through guidance and training
  • Add value to existing resources managed by clubs
  • Ensure the benefits of sport and recreation in a club environment will continue for years to come
  • Assist with shared use arrangements or mediation between clubs at licenced City facilities and/or on reserves.

Assistance, programs and projects

Club health checks

​The Club Development team also support City clubs through the annual club health checks submitted by City leasee/licensee clubs and seasonal reserve clubs. 

  • Club Health Check can be submitted online
  • Clubs are encouraged to complete the AusSport Game Plan, for more information click here

Submit your club health check online

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Club reserve usage

If you are a City of Stirling club or a State Sporting Association and wish to request the use of a City reserve, please click on the link below and select the usage type from the following: 

  • Finals booking
  • Out of season
  • Pre season scratch match request.
Ready to submit a reserve usage request form?
Click here

Diversity and inclusion

How inclusive is your club? Does your club membership reflect your communities diverse range of members?

If your club could do with assistance in these areas, you can contact a Club Development Officer; or a selection of information and resources from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries have been provided below that can assist your club in its endeavours to attract and retain its members.

If you feel that your club has been playing an active role in diversity and/or inclusion then you may wish to be recognised for your clubs work through the award opportunities below. 

As a guide, each year the WA Sports Federation Awards open in October and close in November with the awards event to be held in February of the following year and Sport and Recreation Industry Awards open in May and close in mid-June with the awards event to be held in August. 

Membership growth and retention

The club development team has a wealth of knowledge of the club and sporting world. The team also have a number of networks and strategies that can improve a club's membership base.


If you're holding an event, you may need to consider the following:


Whether it's sponsorship opportunities, fundraising, subsidies or operational audits - our club development team can assist in a range of ways to help your club financially.


The following information can assist you in requesting floodlights at a reserve.


Payment for sports floodlighting must be received by the City prior to your booking date. Floodlights will not go on without payment being received.


When booking Sports Floodlights please ensure you also have an e-key, and that each individual floodlight is switched to the on position demonstrated in the video. If you don’t have a key please request one when making your booking.

Emergency contact

If all steps in the video, and listed above, have been followed and the sports lights do not come on during your booked, approved and paid for times please contact the City’s after hours contact on (08) 9205 8555.

Maintenance requests for sporting reserve flood lights

Maintenance requests for broken lights, issues etc. Please click here

Contact and more information

For further information please contact our Club Development Officers at: clubdevelopment@stirling.wa.gov.au or view the video below

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Governance and policy development

Being successful in governance provides clubs with guidance and strategic direction. It influences how the objectives of the organisation are set and achieved, spells out the rules and procedures for making organisational decisions. It's also important that clubs implement proper risk management.

The following documents will help ensure your club is going in the right direction.

Useful documents

Document nameDownloadable files
Clubs Guide to Volunteer Management579.1KB (PDF)
Effective club meetings516.8KB (PDF)
Establishing Club Rules518.3KB (PDF)
Risky Business548.3KB (PDF)
The Club Secretary510.4KB (PDF)
The Club Treasurer476.2KB (PDF)

KidSport applications

KidSport make it possible for Western Australian children to participate in community sport and recreation, no matter their financial circumstances. KidSport allow eligible youth aged 5-18 years to apply for financial assistance to contribute towards club fees. The fees will go directly to the registered KidSport clubs participating in the project through their participating local government.

Find out more on the KidSport website.

Maintenance requests and upgrades

The City has established an online maintenance request form, that enables users to report issues as they happen, and to follow the progress.

Examples of maintenance reports that can be submitted include:

  • Club rooms, change room, public toilets, waste and graffiti, i.e. these are City responsibilities as outlined in the Schedule of your clubs Lease/Licence (please check this first if unsure). Should you hire a facility then please report to the lease/licence holder

  • Reserves, floodlighting, issues, i.e wheel ruts, tree trimming, holes in cricket nets, broken reserve floodlight globes, turf damage, etc

  • Maintenance requests for buildings, floodlights, reserves etc. 

Select 'Yes' on the form, on behalf of a business and note your club so that records are tagged to your club.

Click here to lodge 

For all urgent repairs and maintenance please contact the Customer Contact Centre on (08) 9205 8555.

Seasonal reserve application - Summer or Winter

For both summer and winter seasons, the club development team provide a swift turn around with seasonal allocations for all clubs.

Ready to complete a Seasonal Reserve Application?
Click here

Seasonal reserve finishing date form

For existing clubs, please complete a seasonal finishing date notification form.

Ready to submit a seasonal reserve finishing date form?
Click here
Sport grants

Grants and sponsorship

The City believes in supporting local clubs and offers a range of grants and sponsorships.

Find out which grants your club could be eligible by clicking the below link. 

 Sports funding and sponsorships

More information and contact 

To get in contact with the Club Development team, please phone our Customer Contact Centre or email clubdevelopment@stirling.wa.gov.au.