Hosting a party

Celebrating special occasions can be fun, but it’s important that your guests are safe and disruption is kept to a minimum in your neighbourhood.

Here are some tips to keep your party enjoyable, without being spoiled by uninvited guests or upset neighbours.

  • Send invitations to your guests with the time and location of your party
  • If there is a lack of parking, suggest that your guests car share, take a taxi or use public transport and check that guest vehicles aren’t illegally parked or causing an obstruction
  • Speak to your neighbours about a reasonable volume for music. Also, consider reducing the volume after 10pm
  • If you have guests under the age of 18, create a list of guardian contact numbers, and do not serve them alcohol
  • Encourage your guests to drink water and eat between alcoholic drinks
  • Ask everyone to leave the party quietly so they don’t disturb your neighbours
  • Help them to arrange lifts or taxis, and don’t let them drive if they have been drinking.

Find more information from the WA Police Hosting a Party Guidelines